In Recent Years Some Countries Have Experienced Very Rapid Economic Development

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In recent years some countries have experienced very rapid economic development. This has resulted in much higher standards of living in urban areas but not in the countryside. This situation may bring some problems for the country as a whole. What are these problems? How might they be reduced?

The countries which have advanced technology, as well as other resources, have gained a quick boost in their economy. Consequently, it has enhanced the living standard of the masses in cities, but the rural areas have been deprived of it. This one-sided benefit can cause some problems like mass migration to megalopolis areas in some nations as well as this problem can be solved by creating amenities like that of urban areas in villages.

First off, mass migration to cities will occur. To elaborate, with the advent of financial stability in many nations, the living standard of city dwellers will increase. It will stimulate the remote areas individuals to settle in cities. Resultantly, the cities will become crowded due to the movement of individuals. Therefore, the problem of creating accommodation for the masses will be felt, and the government will have no option but to cut down trees. This impractical step will create environmental hazards that will make the survival of people impossible. For instance, earlier, before developing any urban areas, there were more green spaces; but, as soon as the areas got developed, they allured other people to enjoy city life. Now, the great hustle and bustle can be seen in metropolitan areas.

On the other hand, economic growth has raised the lifestyle of urban areas and created problems for cities in some nations; however, this development has many solutions to this problem. Firstly, small scale industries can be set up in remote areas so that folk can earn and raise their living standard. Only then a halt in the movement of people to cities can be felt. To exemplify it, local people will be able to get employment there and creating residential places will not be a problem. When people are not able to earn, they can run their businesses and countryside areas will soon develop and they will be enjoying modern facilities. Secondly, grants must be given to undeveloped areas so that these areas can have leisure parks, gyms as well as departmental stores. Then, the multitude will not move to cities, and they will be leading a comfortable life.

To conclude, thus, it is apparent that an instant boost in an economy has made the living standard of people higher; but it has not made any improvement in rural areas and created a lot of troubles such as the movement of villagers to metropolitan areas for a good lifestyle and environmental hazards. This problem has given many solutions, namely the establishment of mini industries grants for providing recreational facilities and to name but a few.

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