In Some Parts of The World, Traditional Festivals and Celebrations Have Disappeared or Are Disappearing

In some parts of the world, traditional festivals and celebrations have disappeared or are disappearing. What problems is this causing? What measures could be taken to counter this situation?

In many nations of the world, local festivals and jubilations are disappearing. This problem can be associated with urbanization and civilization. Although, possible measures can be put in place like infrastructures and teaching of historical importance in schools can help to curb this problem.

On the one hand, the movement of citizens from rural areas into urban settlements. That is to say, when people migrate to cities to have a comfortable life and chase their dreams, the busy lifestyles of the cities hinder most people from appearing at their traditional festivals. Secondly, civilization also contributes to this problem, and most parents do not teach their children about their traditional celebrations and culture. Youngsters are occupied with technology gadgets, movies and social networks. For instance, a survey carried out in Briggs school on cultural values, celebration and attire results shows that 80% of the pupils are not knowledgeable about their culture and traditional festival.

On the other hand, the government can provide employment and social amenities as a solution to this problem. This will, in turn, help to reduce the number of immigrants from the local areas to the cities. Another solution is to include historical lessons, cultural values and local festivals in the school curriculum. This will help to constantly remind the young generation about our historical values and celebrations. An example of this was the policy makers by the ministry of culture and information of Benin republic to include some activities for school children such as cultural days, historical drama classes, and excursions to traditional rulers. These actions assist the disappearing traditions.

In conclusion, traditional events and celebrations are disappearing in many parts of the world. This can be traced to urbanization and civilization. However, measures like social amenities and history lessons can be implemented to curb this issue.

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