There is an increasing number of people who do not know their neighbor

# There is an increasing number of people who do not know their neighbor. what causes this situation? How to solve it? Give Your Own Idea.

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In the modern era, everyone is busy in their career and goals and they do not have enough time to know their neighbor in a proper way as well as, more and more masses are leading self-centered lives. I will explain some causes and solutions.

To begin with, every person have a very busy time as well, people more prefer to do work in free-time for good future and, they want the best position in their office or workplace. For example:- most of the masses do work late hours and, sometimes they left their own family as well as, other relations. Moreover, another cause is new technology like as every age group uses mobile phones and they do all work on it with it, they connect with dear once’s with help of it due to it people do not have time for knowing about their neighbor.

On the other hand side, this problem is not as simple as compared to other troubles. Head of society should provide a small park and organize different sort of activities as well as, thing with it, all neighbors easily meet with their neighbors and, they properly come to know about them. For example:- folks should take the time off on festivals and celebrate them together as well as, every society has organized lunch or dinner for everyone. Furthermore, all parents encouraged their children to play outdoor games with other muppets.

In conclusion, everyone forgets the importance of community and, people are busy in other activities. So, individuals meet with their new neighbors and do help in different sorts of works with it, everybody easily knows about their neighbors.


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increasing number of people who do not know their neighbor

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