Modern technology has a great impact on our environment

# Modern technology has a great impact on our environment. Some say that people should adopt a simple lifestyle to solve the problem while others argue that the technology itself should provide a solution. Discuss both views and give your opinion

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It is irrefutable that technology provides a number of benefits for us. However, the bitter truth is that technology has harmful to the climate. One segment of society deems that people should change their lifestyle and it has a great deal for our environment. But others believe in the opposite direction. Therefore I  would deliver into both views before forming an opinion.

To commence with the first school of thoughts the modern technology impact on the environment can only reduce by an individual. That’s because a human does a lot of things to save the climate. First of all, if a man takes some individual steps such as using electricity when he or she needs. Moreover, the predominant is used public transportation rather than private. To instance, the four members of the same society are going to the office daily. If they share their vehicle so obviously they take benefits in two ways. First, they can save their money and also reduce air pollution. So Adopt some simple lifestyle are a great deal to save the environment.

On the flip side, some people contradict that technology has an ocean of knowledge about anything. In fact, we can easily tackle the environmental problem with the help of technology. To add to it, numerous scientific researches revealed it time and again that technology invention the number of equipment to save the environment. For example, by the help of Machines, we can make our house and Society neat and clean. That’s why we can reduce diseases like malaria, infection and so on. This type of diseases can only reduce when who use those machines which help throw the rubbish in outside the area.

After a complete analysis, it is clear that modern technology has a great impact on our environment. Therefore it is our joint responsibility to tackle this problem and this can only be lessened by taking the individual step and uses the technology.

Modern technology has a great impact on our environment

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