Natural Beauty Such as Lakes, Beaches, and Mountains Are Being Surrounded by Garbage

Natural beauty such as lakes, beaches, and mountains is surrounded by Garbage (rubbish) left by people. What are the causes for this? What solutions do you suggest?

Nature and its true beauty, when unexplored and untouched, look serene and mystical. But, sadly, water bodies, highlands and plains nowadays seem to be filled with litter from disposable spoons, knives, or sheer negligence. This essay will discuss what I consider to be the main causes of littering and suggest ways to manage it effectively.

While littering has many reasons, not being environmentally conscious and insufficient installation of trash cans in public places are the key drivers to spoiling the exquisiteness of this planet. In a country like India, citizens are oblivious to sustainability, damaging or polluting Earth’s natural resources and environment for all living creatures. Throwing rubbish out in the open, such as the river or beachside, without blinking an eye, clearly indicates that people in India lack awareness and consider it solely the government’s responsibility. One other cause cited is the lack of dustbins in places outside of cities. When amidst nature, for obvious reasons, we cannot have bins placed just like in urban areas; hence people tend to throw disposable cutlery, packets and bottles right where they are. This inconvenience to the public pollutes the environment and appears to make scenic views look appalling.

Eliminating polluting nature, however, is possible. The onus lies on the government and its people unitedly. Educating the public on the ill effects of pollution by running awareness campaigns aggressively, conducting free seminars and inculcating it in children through school education are a few ways to tackle this issue. The consistent hammering of a certain idea in people’s minds converts them into reality. Rewarding people for carrying their own garbage back home can also be a positive approach to curbing pollution. For instance, drop your rubbish at the nearest toll point upon entering the town and avail a heavy discount on the toll charges. That way, the excuse of not having enough garbage cans outside the city can be ruled out too. Surely, certain initiatives like the ones mentioned above will bring a positive change to people’s mindsets.

To summarize, dropping litter affects people’s attitude in not caring enough for the environment and not having designated spots to discard them conveniently. Yet, there’s hope that we can reduce its effects by training people to be mindful about where their rubbish can be discarded.

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