Information About Changes in Modes of Travel in England Between 1985 and 2000.

The table below gives information about changes in modes of travel in England between the Year 1985 and 2000.


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Sample Answer of Information About Changes in Modes of Travel in England Between 1985 and 2000.

The tabular chart elucidates the information regarding the average distances that individuals in Britain travel using distinct means of transport in the years 1985 and in 2000.

Over the spreadsheet vividly manifest that the total number of Miles computed by English people using all modes of transport increased significantly during the timescale. The motor vehicle was the most used form of transport in both ears.

As is presented in the table graph, in 1985, the average person travels 3199 miles by car and this increased to 4806 miles in the year 2000. The data for miles acquired by long-distance buses, taxi, and other modes are also soared from 1985 to 2000. It is observed that commuted via taxi was a more striking change with more than a three-fold increase from 13 miles per person per year in 1985 to 42 miles in 2000. In the beginning year nearly 289 miles train bordered by per person whereas it rose and reached 366 miles at the end of the year.

There was a fall in the average distances for three modes namely walking bicycles and local buses. Walking and bicycle modes used for traveling by per person was 255 miles and 237 miles respectively in 1985. However, in 2000 the former covered 7 miles, and the latter one travel 41 miles per person.

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