It is Fine for Professional Sportsmen and Sportswomen to Misbehave

Some people think that it is fine for professional sportsmen and sportswomen to misbehave on or off the field, as long as they are playing well. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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It is argued that showing bad temperament is justifiable for the high profile athletes. I disagree with the above-mentioned view as it will create chaos in the team members and also it will have a bad impact on the youngsters, who follow them blindly.


First off, playing well not only bring pride to one’s nation, but it also brings name and fame to the players. However, it does not allow the athletes to mistreat others on the ground or in their private life. The reason being heavy fan-following. Sportspersons are highly appreciated by young minds. They have set them as their role models. So if they see them showing aggression or violence on the field or in their private life, they unwittingly do the same and now and then, this thing ruins their life and also creates disharmony in the society. For example, sometimes on the ground, senior players use abusive language and out of blue hit the other by seeing their poor performance. Here, it becomes indispensable to say that they are not the only ones who are the soul winners. Winning any competition is the efforts of other members too.

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Moving further, team members feel distressed when they are treated badly by their captain. Sometimes, if a team loses a match, the leader of a team can be responsible. But the whole blame is put on the junior athletes. So this kind of discrimination also creates a kind of disorder among team members. Resultantly, they show poor performance. They don’t do it deliberately; but, they do it because they get demotivated. Such types of things really have and adverse consequences as namely, such behavior people usually see on the television, when the man of the match is not given to the deserved player; however, it goes to the leader.


In conclusion, thus showing rude behavior is not acceptable either on the ground or off the ground. It has a direct influence on the young minds and if they imitate; then, society would not be a better place to live in. Athletes’ actions in their private, as well as professional life, really affect a lot of youngsters. To retain the popularity of sports, it becomes essential to behave well for sportspersons

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1 thought on “It is Fine for Professional Sportsmen and Sportswomen to Misbehave”

  1. Nowadays people are joining sports as much as they can and it good for health and our community whose interesting in it. Some people think that sportsmen or women can misbehave with others because they play well. I disagree with this point on why they can misbehave.

    Firstly, they are playing in a field where hundreds of individuals are watching them. Everyone has their own favorite player. Some people not only watch their games and as well as following them as an actor. Personally, I think they should have to show respect for others which is very important because sportspeople are famous. secondley their achievements in the their appealing to many because people can learn easily from them because they did hard work on games.

    It provides fans with a great hope that individuals can also success in their lives. Moreover, many audiance offers popular sportsmen and sportswomen financial support in sports can give a good impression. However , their misbehavior can damage the image of the sponsors.

    In conclusion, even though some may argue that sports players misbehaviors have no problems if they play well, I believe that it can not be allowed because it can hurt many people.

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