Life Teaches Us the Lessons and Such Lessons Are the Keys to Success

Life teaches us the lessons and such lessons are the keys to success. How far do you agree with this statement, and do you think formal education is important or people should rely on their life experiences?

It is rightly said that “In school teachers teach first and then take exams, but in the school of life, it firstly gives us experiences and then we learn lessons out of them.” I completely agree that such real-life incidents are steps towards success. Apart from this, I beleive that basic education is a must which helps everyone to create the foundation for personal as well as professional life.

One of my favorite authors, Polo Farmen, has written a very good book called “Experiences are diamonds- Keep them in your heart.” He has mentioned that we are in the school of life forever when we step out of university. Indeed, I strongly agree with this. When people learn about anything without practically doing it, it is just like learning to drive a car standing outside. Life, of course, gives practical experience for everything. Admittedly, there will be situations that will give lemons, but it depends on the person whether to learn from unfavorable situations or just to curse them. In most cases, people learn great lessons from their worst experiences. I can relate this to myself, as my ex-boss was always rude to everyone, which taught me a precious thing to be polite with my subordinates and colleagues, because of which I have become a Project Manager at a very early age. Thus, I think life lessons are very important for a person to become successful.

If pizza is life, then, in my view, pizza-base is the education that creates a foundation. Through education, we not only come to know about the essential subjects such as history, science, maths but it grooms us to be a good human. As it is rightly said that, “Your money or property can be theft, but no one can ever take away your wisdom.” Additionally, it opens many doors to get a good job for an educated person. An uneducated person who just relies on life experiences has to struggle a lot, and many times people take them for granted because of their illiteracy. In recent years, many countries have made education free and mandatory for their citizens, which has helped them immensely to fight basic issues, namely poverty, and hunger. Hence, formal education is as necessary as breathing.

To conclude, in many ways, life teaches us priceless experiences which play a vital role in everyone’s journey. However, I support the idea of having not only basic but full education that can ultimately help society.

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