Many Parents Complain About Violence Promoted to Their Children

Many parents complain about violence promoted to their children through video games, TV programs, and other media. Why is it happening? What can be the solution for it?

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Children entertain themselves by watching TV, playing video games and they also use social media for the same purposes. A majority of the parents argue that certain elements like a fight, kidnapping, murder and to name but a few are spreading violence in children. There are manifold reasons that this essay would explain in the subsequent paragraphs along with solutions.


Firstly, TV shows, electronic games are for the entertainment of the children. Children spend maximum time watching these entertainment programs and they are not supervised by their parents. Whatever they watch, that is real for them due to their immaturity. For instance, if they watch a fight and the robust person or the protagonist wins; then the children consider to be like him/her. They consider fighting can end everything and it instigates them to be violent. Thus when they exhibit such hostile behavior to their parents, they consider the real culprit is the entertainment industry. Moreover, the paradigm shift is also equally responsible for it as what is in vogue that is telecast on television or played in video games and also uploaded on social sites. Offspring do not like melodrama instead they like more adventures or daring things. The quintessential of it: blue whale game, Pubg.

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It has a plethora of solutions. First and foremost is that parents must keep an eye on their children when they watch, play, and surf on the internet. They must be informed about the outcomes of being violent. They must be told about historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Lala Lajpat Rai, who won the fight by adopting non-violence. In this way, children will keep in mind that adopting anti-social behavior is not the answer to every problem. What’s more, offspring must be involved in constructive work so that they can channelize their energy well and also get pleasure.


In conclusion, adding violent scenes on TV shows make it more popular and nowadays, it is considered the key ingredient of films. So we cannot stop the producers from using it; however keeping an eye, involving the children in artworks can provide relief to the parents.

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