People After Retirement Often Require Financial Assistance.

People after retirement often require financial assistance. Should the government be responsible for this or should the individuals make provisions for themselves? Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer of People after retirement often require financial assistance 


Oldsters are the backbone of a nation because of their valuable contribution to their respective fields and society. Geriatric people frequently need monetary aid after retirement and hold it the responsibility of the government but I think oldsters are more responsible than the government. This is good for the oldsters as they will remain full of beans and independent if they involve themselves in a job.


At the outset, Oldsters have given their valuable years in one employment and of course, their experience and commitment for their work cannot be overlooked. What’s more, they have been a good taxpayer throughout their lives. For example, by doing the same work for years they become old handed and their experience of years helps in boosting the economy of the government and the government earns a huge profit. So all this happened because of the hard labor of geriatric people. Their contribution is immense and in return, it becomes the responsibility of the government to provide them financial help especially when they become weak both physically and financially.

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Moreover, old people must think for themselves as after their retirement they need more finances; but unfortunately, they are helpless to adjust within a limited pension. So it is indispensable for them to do any kind of employment so that they can bear their expenses and need not rely on the government’s help. They can join any bank or teach the children in a school. In this way, they can kill two birds with one stone. They can remove their loneliness which they often feel after their retirement. For instance, In China, more oldsters work compared to youngsters and they bear their expenses.


In conclusion, It is the oldsters who are more responsible because if they meet their financial needs by involving themselves in any kind of job, they will be able to remove their monotony and isolation that they feel after their retirement. Though the government is equally responsible; however it has other responsibilities to perform.

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