Some People Believe It is Better to Raise Children in the City

Some people believe it is better to raise children in the city, while others consider the countryside to be a more suitable choice. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer of Some people believes it is better to raise children in the city


The nourishment of children either in cities or rural areas is a great challenge for parents. A handful of masses consider rearing children in cities is more lucrative as they will get a better education, facilities; while others think that bringing up children in villages keeps them away from pollution, gives them a healthy lifestyle. I reckon that raising offspring at both places has its own benefits and limitations. The thing matters here is how they are brought up?


At the outset, The paradigm shift has made it necessary to raise infants in urban areas because of modern amenities, a good education. People get enticed towards the glamorous lifestyle and seek the same for the juveniles. They opine that by getting a good education they will be able to get their niche in life. They consider their future to be brighter in cities. For instance, living in a metropolis allures them to settle in it. People get everything that is unimaginable in the countryside. A majority of people love to live as it is convenient for them to shop; work and leisure facilities are on the top of their bucket list.

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On the other hand, the people, who are in favor of nourishing their toddlers in rural areas, opine that quality of life lies in rustic areas. They believe their young ones will remain away from pollution that is mostly found in the megalopolis and they can lead a healthy lifestyle in villages. They can get fresh vegetables and fruits and on top of that, they are also able to get a good education with the help of technology that has access to all. For instance, Now with the help of technology, children can be taught well. Rural areas are also developing and getting good facilities. So, it is not a herculean task for parents to provide all the facilities.


In conclusion, I think rearing children both in cities and the countryside has its own merits and demerits. The thing that is essential here is how the toddlers are brought up? It poses a question over the nourishment of parents if their offspring fail to get moral education and indulge in a bad company either in urban areas or in villages.

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