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Many People Believe That It Is Easier to Have a Healthy Lifestyle in the Countryside

Many People Believe That It Is Easier to Have a Healthy Lifestyle in the Countryside (1)

Many people believe that it is easier to have a healthy lifestyle in the countryside. Others believe that there are health benefits to living in cities. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

A few masses argue that getting a healthy lifestyle is feasible while living in rustic areas. On the other hand, some consider people can get health benefits in urban areas. In my perspective, health benefits can be obtained best in Metropolitan areas due to modern amenities as well as advancement in technology.

To commence with, those who think people can have a broader outlook while residing in rural areas because of the hospitable ambience. To elaborate, people get fresh air, and the place is serene because it is straight away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Therefore, people can remain healthy as well as mentally alert. For instance, open lush green fields give a soothing effect on the mind as well as the eyes of the people. Masses enjoy a cool breeze instead of sitting in an air-conditioned room. So, there are fewer chances of them getting sick. Besides, people are cooperative and conducive. Having such a company is a boon for them. Resultantly, they live longer.

On the other hand, those who consider that people can get higher benefits while living in urban areas. This is because people get modern amenities such as leisure parks, good health care centres and moreover, plenty of wealth due to enormous job opportunities. Therefore, individuals remain agile by making use of these facilities. For instance, people work in cities for their greener pasture and earn a hefty amount. So, their job is round the clock. In order to remove their monotony and stress, they can visit the local parks and gardens and meditate there for some time. Thus, they feel relaxed and energetic. In addition, game parlours and cinemas also attract them to be mentally fit. They do not need to go outside to rejuvenate themselves. Thus, they get sick, and they get treated well in reputed hospitals. So, they have greater benefits in cities.

To conclude, Thus, it is ostensible from above-mentioned ideas that getting good health benefits, urban areas are best. People get every facility there without any kind of delay. If they wish, they could spend some time in rustic areas, but they will not be able to enjoy modern facilities. Thus, the benefits of living in cities outweigh the benefits of living in villages.

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