Many People in The Undeveloped World Die from Diseases that Are

Many people in the undeveloped world die from diseases that are curable because  they can’t afford the medication to treat themselves. Do you believe that drug companies in the developed world should be obliged to make their products available at reduced prices in these undeveloped countries so that people do not die unecessarily.

Over the last 150 years medicine has made enormous advances and scientists have discovered the cures for many previously incurable diseases. Now you no longer hear of people dying of cholera, tuberculosis or any of the other killer diseases that were so common.

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One reason that so few people in the west die from these diseases is because medicine is not expensive and easily available. Nowadays we have other diseases to fight against, for example AIDS and cancer. The drugs that are used to treat these diseases and slow their effects can be found in the west but in poorer countries people cannot pay for them so people die for no other reason than their poverty. I think drug companies should be obliged to make their products available cheaply in poor countries or allow cheaper copies of the drugs to be manufactured under licence. They will still make reasonable profits.

Anyway if the big drug companies don‛t allow to make their drugs available cheaply, companies based in the poorer countries will produce the copies anyway. In India for instance many drugs are copied and sold illegally. Even people from the rich, western countries go there to buy the drugs they want at a cheaper price. Some drug companies have already promised that they will give their drugs at a cheaper price. For example a company promised AIDS retardant drugs to South Africa. In spite of the promises there has been no action and no drugs go for the thousands suffering from AIDS there.

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Therefore I really believe that drugs companies should make available low cost drugs to poorer countries. At present it is a case of ignoring people who are dying in order to safeguard profits. This is immoral and indefensible no matter what companies say about their business interests.

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