Many People Today Would Argue that Cinemas Are Becoming Irrelevant Due to New Streaming Services

Many people today would argue that cinemas are becoming irrelevant due to new streaming services. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, there is a lot of contradiction about where to watch shows, in cinemas or streaming services. I believe that watching shows on streaming services is much better than watching in theatres.

To begin with, watching shows on streaming services is much cheaper than going to theatres. Nowadays, streaming services are available at much more affordable. For instance, the Disney+Hostar streaming service is available at just 6$ per year, which is the cost of a single show over many cinemas. Streaming app subscriptions are available at a lower price if we purchase them along with sim recharges. With the cost of a single movie, we can keep watching many shows for the entire year. Hence, watching over streaming platforms saves money and is better than theatre.

Moreover, it is more comfortable to watch over streaming apps than in theatres. We can manage any show by sitting on the type of chair we like or on the bed. We are no longer bound by the time we watch on streaming apps. Hence we can watch it whenever we want. In my opinion, I can play, pause, rewind, forward, increase and decrease in speed. For example, if I love some movie but don’t know that language well, I can reduce the speed and watch it slowly for better understanding. Therefore, it is more comfortable for me to watch over stream apps than theatres.

To conclude, I would argue that watching over streaming apps rather than cinemas saves time and money and is overall more comfortable. Hence I would prefer watching on streaming applications over cinemas.

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