You Are Looking for A Part-Time Job. Write a Letter to An Employment Agency

You are looking for a part-time job. Write a letter to an employment agency. In your letter:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Explain what sort of job you would like.
  • Say what experience and skills you have.

Dear sir,

My name is Rossy. I am writing this letter in order to wonder a part-time job. I found you the best consultant to search for a relevant position with suitable criteria wicked for. I have been working in an MNC company named IMS for two years with the designation ‘HR recruiter’ in Ahmedabad. My job is to search for candidates from the UK and arrange interviews. I surf job seekers from portals such as times job and readout.

I request you search for the same organization where I can fruitfully explore my knowledge. As I am working as a junior, I am now searching for a senior position with the same competitive company. Hence, kindly note that.

I have a total of 2 years of experience but in core one year of experience in client communication. Furthermore, I am an expert in treating any task regarding searching candidates., not only searching but also convincing the candidates to attend the interview.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting the details to register with your job agency. Additionally, I have attached my curriculum vitae. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Yours faithfully,

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