Many Supermarkets Sell More and More Imported Food Products than Ones Produced in Their Home Country

Many supermarkets sell more and more imported food products than ones produced in their home country. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

It is a debatable issue among the masses that food options in superstores from other countries have overweighed food products made in their own country. Few people are proponents of the idea that they are getting more options, while clamours are also heard in society from those opposed. In forthcoming paragraphs, I shall shed more light on both its benefits and drawbacks of it.

To commence with, there is plenty of evidence why multiple options of imported food are good. The mammoth conspicuous reason it provides multi-cuisine options to the locals to try for foodies who have not travelled or cannot afford to travel. Furthermore, it will help migrants to get their homes like food who migrate from other countries. For example, a person likes to eat light diets or has to follow prescribed diets. Additionally, it will give an option to choose and to follow healthy regimes in diets such as cornflakes or muesli in breakfast as they have high qualified on certain measures set up by the government as per import policies.

Yet there is another side of the picture. First and foremost, with the liking of imported food, traditional food lose its popularity among natives. With fewer demands, companies might force to shut down their businesses, and employees will lose their job; for instance, in a village where people’s source of income is from a particular food product so their imported food products should be encouraged as it will have an adverse impact on their income and local demand.

To recapitulate, overseas food can add flavours to diets having health benefits, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be encouraged where it makes an impact on local citizens’ financial condition.

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