Modern Lifestyles Mean That Many Parents Have Little Time for Their Children

Modern lifestyles mean that many parents have little time for their children. Many children suffer because they don’t get as much attention from their parents as children did in the past. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Modern Lifestyles Mean That Many Parents Have Little Time for Their Children

In the contemporary world, majority guardian finds difficulty to spend time with their offspring. It is believed that children have to face such a phase of life as they don’t get much attention from the parents as compared to past days. I believe this could be a negative development in this modern world. Firstly this essay shall discuss the importance of the bond between parents and a child, secondly, it will argue that how consequences of less attention from parents create an opportunity for children to break the tranquility of the society.

The bond between the guardian and teenage plays an integral role in our community for creating a precious and healthy environment. In today’s digital era parents are extremely busy with their domestic chores and hectic office work. Most all parents are working in this money-greed world where children fail to get attraction because parents feel they will have a better approach towards kids in the later stage of life. In the past one of the main characters used to take responsibility for the chill and try to rise in a better way, which lacks in today’s contemporary world. For example, the current generation is less emotionally attached to family members than the past generation. Thus, the attention of the guardian towards their offspring is indispensable.

Children are very venerable characters of society as they need to pamper and attention otherwise they can be the one who can easily drag away from the real world to a false imaginary world. The result of this development might be unavoidable as a child can be the one who gets addicted to the wrong activities and drugs. In addition, the birth of violation and illegal acts would start to take place if parents failed to provide importance to the child. For instance, many American children are detected to perform wrong acts, which is a very alarming sign for the whole nation as they are the ones who can be the next to lead the nation. Therefore, attention and importance should be taken by parents otherwise consequence of the act can be dangerous to the whole world.

To conclude, parents are the one can play a vital role in child’s life and they have to give their children well-sounded education and attention to rise properly.

Sample 2 Modern Lifestyles Mean That Many Parents Have Little Time for Their Children

It is well-known fact that the level of depression and anti-social behavior in kids has increased dramatically in modern societies. New lifestyles mean that more caretakers have little time for their children. Much kinder suffer owing to they don’t get as much attention from their parents as children did in the yesteryears. The essay will articulate its full agreement and will outline reasons for this standpoint.

There are many reasons which I would consider to substantiate my view. The primary is that today’s life is full of hurry and worry. Every person busy in earn money due to they have no time for their family. People don’t spend a little time with their own kids due to the hectic schedule. Incite an example of, if person who doesn’t spend time with their children along with they feel alone as they don’t care properly about their health without helping parents. Many effects like if parents don’t spend time with their kids due to they play games every time as they don’t complete their homework. Sometimes children make a bad company of friends. Then, their future is spoiled by choosing the wrong things.

Moreover, today’s everything is very different as compared to past days. Every person busy in their own life. In past days parents spent plethora time with their kids as they did take care properly about their children. Secondly, these days caretakers don’t spend time with their kids due to they don’t get more attention from their parents. In past days parents were more worried about their kids as compared to these days.

When all is said and done, parents should be worry about their children as they should spend time with their kids. Children are nation builders and every nation depends on them.

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