Something You Did Not Want to Learn Earlier but Now You Want To

Something you did not want to learn earlier but now you want to speaking cue card with answer

Well, as we all know, change is a law of nature 🍃. Interests and hobbies evolve over time. Recently, I’ve developed a new interest that I didn’t have before learning professional dance 💃🕺. During my school days, I wasn’t fond of it; I chose home science over dance classes. But now, I’m eager to master the art of dancing.

Last month, I visited my friend’s house and inquired about the secret behind her fitness. She revealed that she runs a dance academy, where she not only earns a handsome income but also stays fit 💪💰. She even showed me a video of her niece performing on a national TV program, which truly impressed me. The niece’s movements were so precise that she seemed like a perfect dancer 🌟📺.

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This inspired me to join her academy to learn professional dance. The reason behind this decision is multifaceted: dance is an excellent exercise that helps keep our bodies fit and healthy 🏋️‍♂️🍏. It also serves as a stress buster, helping burn extra calories and making me feel more energetic and relaxed 🧘‍♀️🔥. I’m now looking forward to embracing this new hobby with open arms and enthusiasm ❤️🎶.

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