Describe a day you stayed home all day

# Describe a day you stayed home all day Ielts cue cards

  • when it was
  • why you didn’t go outside
  • what you did at home
  • and explain how you felt about it.

Thanks for giving me such an interesting cue card topic. In this sophisticated world, everyone is busy in his life and he even doesn’t have a second for his personal development. Fortunately, once I took a break from this running life and stayed the whole day at my home. It was an awesome moment for me. I would like to share it with you.

Three months ago, I felt so depression while continuously obsessed with my office work. I felt that I have to take rest to decrease the pressure from my mind. So, I decided to take a holiday from office work and take rest at my home.

I woke up in the morning and my face was glowing with full of motivation because I was on holiday. I played with my lovely niece Manmeet, watched my fav. Movies on television, enjoyed several recipes and laid on bed whole the day.

That day I was feeling like it is real life. I should get an advantage of at least one holiday in a month. That holiday made me so energetic that I filled to full motivation to do my job work at the office. It increases my efficiency because I was tired to do this work before the holiday. According to me, a complete rest to the body, and relax to the mind is as necessary as hard work to achieve something in our life.


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Describe a day you stayed home all day office work work holiday

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