More and More People Are Becoming Seriously Overweight

More and more people are becoming seriously overweight. Some people say that the price increase of fattening foods will solve this problem. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

In this century, obesity is considered a global issue because of its consequences among all aged people. Many claim that the rise in the cost of fattening foods should solve this problem. This essay agrees with the statement as the increase in price makes people less affordable to eat out and also, they begin to appreciate food cooked at home.

One main reason for the reduction in consumption of fattening foods is affordability. It is a known fact that children are the major victims of obesity, and they inherit the condition when they grow up. For instance, the rise in the price of street foods would make the kids stop or eat less as they have minimal pocket money when they study. Hence, they become less addicted to the taste and overcome the habit in the long run. In adults, the surge in the rates would make them think twice to shell out extra money from their hard-earned savings.

Secondly, it is evident that home-cooked foods will be valued. Due to the growth in rates of fast foods, people begin to eat a lot at home in order to save money. Consequently, they understand the real benefits of home foods apart from saving them. The pandemic period, for example, threw new opportunities for families to try new dishes and taste them. This paved way to test their taste buds with a variety of foods that are still healthy. Subsequently, they realized that home-based foods could be delicious, which indirectly creates a healthy eating habit.

To conclude, the surge in the rates of fast foods is a blessing for a healthier world. This is due to the lack of affordability and the high value and respect they give to home-cooked foods.

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