My Hobbies speaking part 2 cue card

My Hobbies speaking part 2 cue card with the answer

what is it?
Who you do it with?
How is it done? 

Everyman has many hobbies in which they are interested and feel good or happy that hobbies are like dancing, singing, playing games on the computer or phone, etc. But my hobbies are watching TV, dancing, listen to music and reading books. So hobbies are those parts of one’s life through which he/she can express his/her emotions and feelings.

Now, I would like to talk about my hobbies. I like watching Hindi and Punjabi movies on TV. My favorite TV channel is Animal Planet. From that, I learn new and different English words every time. Dancing is also my hobby. I can dance and also like Bhangra, Giddha, Bharat Natyam, and Kachi Pudi dances. When I cook food in my kitchen, I express my happiness through dancing by dance slowly. Finally, I really love to listen to music. I like Hindi and Punjabi songs.

My favorite Punjabi singer is Ranjit Bawa because he sings too well, and my favorite Hindi singer is Armaan Malik. After all, he sings sweet and romantic songs with lovely feelings. When I listen to Armaan’s songs, then It seems that I am going to the new world outside this world. My most of favorite hobby is reading books. I like to read different types of books by different writers or poets. I like to read Punjabi, Hindi, and English literature.

My favorite poet is William Wordsworth which is a very famous poet all over the world. He always describes nature in his poems, and I have no words for his praise. I am waiting to get a chance to meet him. So, I would like to say that hobbies are really an essential part of our lives and we can spend our leisure in hobbies. Every man should have to enjoy his/her hobbies otherwise his/her life becomes dull and empty because hobbies increase happiness in our life.


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