Talk About a Song or a Poem About the History of Your Country

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Talk about a song or a poem about the history of your country. You should say
When you heard it?
Where you heard it?
How do you feel about it?

Sample 1-Talk About a Song or a Poem About the History of Your Country

Nowadays, people had enormous chances to listen to contemporary and old songs. These songs are mood creators and mood changers for everyone. Today I would like to talk about one such song or poem about the history of my country is Vande Mataram. The poem was written by one of the most eminent personalities of India late Mr Bankim Chandra Chatterjee. Moreover, a poet, he was a novelist and journalist.

This poem describes the importance to respect our mother nation. Along with this, it also describes its diversities, social and cultural relationships and so on. When I was a child in 90’s I heard the song first on an old radio station called akashavani. At that time, I was only familiar with my native language Malayalam, rather than Malayalam; this was the alternate language I heard first. Maybe I was not able to understand its meaning at that time.

But my parents were ready to explain its meaning to me. Once I understand its meaning, I tried to learn the song and ready to share it with my friends. They are also excited to listen to and learn this song. When I start schooling, the same poem was sung in school assemblies. This was a song or poem about the history of my country.

Sample 2-Talk About a Song or a Poem About the History of Your Country

Well, Poem is the best word in the best order, and great author William Wordsworth says it. People recite poems not only to entertain themselves but also want to equip themselves with immense knowledge. Really poems relax individuals. Here, I would like to talk about a poem that I read when I was in 10th standard, and the name of the poem was Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high.

Where knowledge is free, and the world has not been broken up into fragments. So this poem is a sort of prayer by the author to awaken the spirit of his countrymen. It’s a thought-provoking poem, and the poet prays to God to empower his countrymen so that they can speak the truth, fight for their rights as well as fight against evil effects. I loved this poem.

It’s really a great tribute from the author to awaken the spirit of the people because it was written before independence when people were not aware of their rights when knowledge was only the right of the elite people, and it was not the right of the poor people. So poet urges people to gain knowledge as knowledge must be free for the downtrodden.

The poet wants his countrymen should hold their head high so that they can move freely without any kind of fear in their mind, and it’s not about only native people of a nation but also about the world’s people to be united so that the whole world should be counted as one entity.

Thus, the poet wants such a world for all people, which really motivates me to do something for my country as I live in an independent country. So I think every one must be able to do something for his country or countrymen. Such type of thought-provoking poem is really needed today to have liberal thinking.

Follow-Ups of Talk About a Song or a Poem About the History of Your Country

Question 1: Are you good at memorizing things?

Ans 1: No, I am not very good at memorizing things, but I can say when I was a child I used to memorise so many words, name of the places. Still, now I think due to passing age, I have got my memory weakened, and besides, due to availability of electronic gadgets, I can keep the things in my mobile phone like contacts and other images.

Ans 2: Definitely yes. On almost all occasions, I am good at memorizing things. For this, I am doing some numerical and puzzling exercises alternatively.

Question 2: Do you think children like the rhythm of songs or poems? Why?

Ans 1: Yes, of course, children like the rhythm of the poem, and they learn very quickly when any poem is recited with rhythm, and this has an everlasting effect on their mind, and they can memorise so many words, name of the author of the poem In their mind for a long time, and it also relaxes their mind, and they enjoy when they recite the poem with rhythm.

Ans 2: Yes. Compare with mature people, and children are quick learners. They always try to learn new words, names and even some rhymes of songs and poems. Once they are visualizing these scenes of songs and poems, they do not forget.

Question 3: Do you think it is easier for children to learn a song or poem than adults? Why?

Ans 1: It’s very easy for children to learn any poem with rhythm than adults because children are quicker and they have more ability to grasp things than adults, and they are singly focused, so I think this is a reason that makes them faster than adults.

Ans 2: Yes. As I mentioned, earlier children are quick learners than adults. They try to grasp each and every word that they hear newly. Maybe, they are not prominent and clear to use, but they try to use those however they can.

Question 4: What can people learn from songs or poems?

Ans 1: People learn valuable things from songs as well as from poems. First of all, they learn how to relax and entertain themselves. Apart from it, they also get knowledgeable things not only related to enhance their vocabulary about different and new coined words that are mostly used in poems or songs but also the message that the writer wants to convey to the people. So they learn about their surroundings.

Ans 2: In my opinion, it depends upon the songs. Some of them getting different cultural and traditional aspects by listening to a folk song or a poem. Meantime, listening to a foreign song provide learning a chance for a new language with cultural, traditional and social values.

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