Not Enough Students Choose Science Subjects at University in Many Countries

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Nowadays, not enough students choose science subjects at university in many countries. What are the reasons for this problem? What are the effects on the society?

Sample Answer of Not Enough Students Choose Science Subjects at University in Many Countries. 


Today’s the number of pupils are not sufficient, who are interested to read science subjects as their majors at University. There may be many reasons as it demands hard labor on the part of the students and also so there can be a scarcity of human resources in the future.


First off, students are disinterested in science subjects. The subjects namely physics, maths, biology and chemistry need diligence as well as the commitment of the pupils. Science students hardly get leisure time in comparison to other pupils, who go for economics, history and to name but a few. So, instead of spending long hours, they prefer to opt for those subjects which they consider help get good earning as well as do not need long hours. For example, it could be seen that science students always remain busy in studying and are not able to enjoy their social life as compared to other arts subjects learners. They are very diligent and intelligent, but they are unable to get good jobs that offer them subjects students easily get without struggling hard. To continue, awareness and lack of motivation about the importance of science subjects create a big obstacle in deciding to opt for science subjects. Students are less severe and are not self-motivated. They are not told that what science can give them in the future? Getting employment only for earning well is not a single factor to lead a prosperous and most satisfying life. They can help humanity in solving problems that a real threat to the survival of humanity.

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Furthermore, if a fewer number of students will take science subjects as their majors; then, it will hurt society. Human resources will be scarce and resultantly people over the world will oppose any change or invention. This will happen due to a lack of awareness. What’s more, humanity can be in danger as fewer inventions will be there to cure the people of some dreadful diseases. For instance, earlier inventions really helped a lot in treating people; but, due to the lack of enrollment of candidates in the future, people will suffer from various kinds of diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. But with the help of biotechnology, researchers can make mouse models of fatal diseases so that people can be treated well. So if there would be graduates with less flair, then the world will be in danger and survival might be impossible in the foreseeable future.


In conclusion, Thus there may be a plethora of reasons namely disinterest, commitment and it can have navigated negative impact on the people as they would resist change that it might be beneficial for them.

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