Nowadays, an Increasing Number of People with Health Problems Are Using Alternative Medicines

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Nowadays, an increasing number of people with health problems are using alternative medicines and treatments instead of visiting their normal doctor. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Sample 1 Nowadays, an Increasing Number of People with Health Problems Are Using Alternative Medicines

In contemporary times, it is seen that a burgeoning population with health issues are relying on homoeopathy, electropathy and Ayurveda for current rather than visiting a hospital and getting treated by a specialist. In my perspective, it is a negative development, particularly for fatal ailments that need the treatment of a doctor.

First, depending on alternative medicines can exacerbate a person’s illness. To elaborate, when people experience stomach pain, they adopt different ways to get rid of it. By applying those, they might get temporary relief. However, in the long run, they are amazed to see that stomach pain develops into stomach ulcers or cancer. Therefore, they make it a serious disease. Moreover, every individual has different body needs. Applying the same treatment to every person can have drastic consequences. To exemplify, Some adverts are telecast on television, showing protein shakes, multivitamins and oil for those with physical issues. They might be children, oldsters or women. The same things have been suggested to all. Resultantly, people tend to buy if they find even a single symptom in that advertisement. Thus they deteriorate their health.

Furthermore, homoeopathy Ayurveda was very conducive in the earlier times, when everything was pure. But now, due to adulteration, one cannot believe the ingredients used in making medicines. Intake of these medicines creates other health issues among people if they recover from one problem. In addition, people’s behaviour is one of the biggest obstacles to believing in medicinal Technology. They consider the same ailments can be recovered on their own. They are superstitious. Thus they avoid going to the doctor for treatment such as smallpox, and measles, to name a few.

To conclude, it is clear that many people have more belief in other ways of treating themselves than visiting a healthcare centre. In this way, they make their diseases more serious and that behaviour of the multitudes now and then puts their life at risk. If they get to recover, the very next moment, they develop other kinds of health issues.

Sample 2 Nowadays, an Increasing Number of People with Health Problems Are Using Alternative Medicines

Presently, more and more people cause health issues because they are using alternative drugs and treatments without proper medical help. I believe this is actually a negative development because it causes the disease to worsen.

To begin with, self-examination of health tends to aggravate an easily treatable disease. To make it more clear, by self–medicating without going to a doctor, they may not be able to detect the underlying disease, which may exacerbate their disease. For instance, many studies show that the main cause of cancer progression today is underdiagnosis in the early stages because they self-medicate for minor pains at the beginning and then go to the doctor when it gets worse.

To continue, in some cases, the use of alternative medicine can lead to another form of illness. As an explanation, other drugs are often not good for the body, leading to various types of body discomfort. For example, a study conducted by the health department in Kerala shows that 90 % of people are prone to allergies if a person takes medicine that is unsuitable for their body. On the contrary, using alternative drugs and treatments can reduce their time and cost. Therefore, most people depend on self medicines.

To sum up, nowadays, self-treatment is more popular because of the time-consuming and reduced cost of the medicaments. However, I believe this is a negative impact because it may exacerbate their illness and also it may lead to another disease.

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