Lifestyle & Work Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

Lifestyle & Work Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Lifestyle & Work Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

Question 1:- What do you do in your free time?

Answer 1:- Well, I do many things in my free time. I watch television, do cooking as well, and play with my child. It’s a good passing time if I spend it with my family members.

Answer 2:- In my leisure time, I like to listen to music and spend time on social media. When I listen to music, I feel calm, and it helps to reduce my stress. However, when I spend time on social media, I get current updates which means knowledge, so these are also my hobbies.

Question 2:- Do you have a busy social life?

Answer 1:- Well, I have a very busy social life. I have a great friend circle as well as my relatives always come to my home, and we have a great time to spend together. I hardly get free time for myself, and most of the time is spent with my near and dear ones.

Answer 2:- Actually, I am a student. Therefore, I think we also have a busy social life which means I spent almost 8 hours in college, so I have many friends I spend time with who also celebrate a birthday or any other important events

Question 3:- Do you lead an active life?

Answer 1:- Yes, I am leading an active life. I remain busy throughout the day. I have more physical work than mental work. I do household work alone.

Answer 2:- I think that leading an active life is important in staying healthy. Which means it helps to control the disease. Therefore every day, I go for a walk and do some yoga at home; it helps me be a healthy and active person during the day.

Question 4:- Was your life changed much in the last year?

Answer 1:- Yes, my life has got changed, and it has not been from the last year, but it underwent some transformations when my baby took birth, and since then, I have been occupying a very hectic schedule.

Answer 2:- Yes, my life changed incredibly because I had no concern about my health last year, so my fat increased, and I was overweight during the covid pandemic. And also, this time, I realized the use of saving money. Now I am more concerned about health and savings.

Question 5:- What would you like to change about your lifestyle?

Answer 1:- I would like to change my routine. As of now, I don’t get time for myself even to do some exercise or watch movies. So I would like to have some spare time for myself, and I would not like to do any work so that I can enjoy my leisure time.

Answer 2:- I have been sleeping late and waking up early; therefore, I am very tired now. I am planning to change my sleeping hours. I know that almost 8 hours should a human sleep; therefore, I cultivate a habit of sleeping early and waking up related to my proper sleeping hour.

Question 6:- Do you work right now?

Answer 1:- No, I don’t work right now because my baby is younger and I also have old parents. So I take care of them.

Answer 2:- No, I don t work; I am a student. But sometimes I did some part-time work.

Question 7:- Do you get on well with your co-workers?

Answer 1:- Yes, when I was doing a job at that time, I was very polite and cooperative with my colleagues. In the future, if I am doing a job, I will have the same attitude as my co-workers because they help a lot in times of difficulty.

Answer 2:- During my part-time work, I made many friends because my co-workers were very friendly to me. I keep in contact with them.

Question 8:- What responsibilities do you have at your work?

Answer 1:- Right now, I don’t work. Still, earlier, when I was working, I had great responsibilities like preparing lesson plans for the students, solving their personal and academic problems and arranging co-curricular activities for them.

Answer 2:- In my work, I have more responsibility than my co-workers because I lead them with my manager’s instructions. Actually, I am an enumerator of the survey. Therefore I have the responsibility to check the co-worker’s activity if they did anything wrong; I want to change after that, I check the work has been done properly.

Question 9:- Are there good work opportunities in your home country?

Answer 1:- Well, there are no more job opportunities right now. The great Scholars who have done PhD and Masters are sitting idle and don’t have a job. They are running their home either by tutoring or doing some labour work. Now, most of the students, after completion of their studies, go abroad for their greener pasture.

Answer 2:- In my country I think work opportunities are less, that is why more youngsters like to go abroad to seek jobs. And the number of earnings is also less

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