Nowadays Many People Have an Unhealthy Diet and Do Not Exercise Regularly

Nowadays, many people have an unhealthy diet and do not exercise regularly. What are the reasons behind this trend? How can we encourage these people to live healthy lifestyles?

Past few decades, humankind put more weight on education and health regards. It is well-known that nowadays, a host of humankind’s diet is unhealthy and they are not doing exercise often. In this essay, I discuss the reasons behind it and demonstrate how we can encourage them in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

There are several reasons behind this tribulation. First and foremost, in this tech-savvy era, most people have a hectic work schedule, and life is running on rate speed and have less time for other activities. As a result, they are not doing yoga or any fitness activity. Additionally, for doing this, the person has to be punctual about edible. Secondly, due to heavy workload and western influence, people prefer convenience or junk food that is unhygienic and not good for health. For example, in the USA, 72% of citizens like to eat outside instead of homemade food for time availability which forges many health predicaments.

The bureaucrats and the psyche of people play a vital role in tackling this adversity. The authority should have to promote or spread awareness for being healthy and fit in the community. For instance, the employee has to prefer to walk and give more preference to climbing stairs over an elevator, and walking is full cardiovascular. Another solution is that people have to understand the cons of unhealthy nourishment and prioritize homemade protein food. For example, international learners who go to foreign countries for education pay more money for healthy food than undigested edible.

In conclusion, although unhealthy diet and lack of fitness activities are seen nowadays because of less time availability or vocal time and western culture. In my view, the authority has to be aware of people, and people’s mindset tackles this problem more precisely.

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