Many Today Feel that Attention Spans Are Becoming Shorter

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Many today feel that attention spans are becoming shorter due to the prevalence of social media. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1:- Many Today Feel that Attention Spans Are Becoming Shorter

Nowadays, social media has become a subject of debate and controversy, as many people believe that attention spans are happening due to the prevalence of social media. But others are thinking vice-versa. I completely disagree with this point, and I will discuss the two main key reasons behind this in the following paragraphs.

First of all, I disagree with the argument that social media is the primary cause of short attention spans. To elaborate, there are a number of devices like smartphones, laptops & television that are the actual repeater. Because it emits harmful blue rays of light, which affect our eyes and brain equally. In recent research, the WHO published in his article that extra uses of these devices affect our brain neuro system, which is the main reason for decreasing the brain health system.

Furthermore, there could be one more reason behind it that our lifestyle, to expand, more and more people are busy with their daily routine life, and they are spending a number of hours sitting at the office and lying down at home. This can be the main reason for short attention. In addition, as per the doctor’s suggestion, an individual person has to give at least 1 hour for fitness and do some yoga, gym, etc., which can help us to build a strong body along with a strong main, because “A healthy body is a home to a healthy mind.” Therefore, it is clear that social media is not the root problem for short attention issues.

To conclude, electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, etc., and our daily lifestyle are the main root cause for short attention spans instead of social media. By understanding the main root cause of this issue, we can try to fix it by using the time management process for everything.

Sample 2:-Many Today Feel that Attention Spans Are Becoming Shorter

A large proportion of people today believe that the prevalence of social media has affected the attention span of people negatively. This essay will consider the impact that social media has on the attention span of people.

Firstly, social media provides an avenue for people to be entertained, communicate, and interact. When people get engrossed with social media, they hardly pay rapt attention to happenings around them, and this can lead to losing a piece of vital information being passed across to them. For example, a young man was walking on the street while using his phone. He was on social media and was engrossed in whatever he was doing. There was a deep pit on his part, and someone was trying to beckon him that he should concentrate on where he was going, but it was too late, and he fell into the pit and broke one of his legs, and sustained some injuries.

Furthermore, the prevalence of social media has negatively affected students’ attention during classes and lectures since the majority of students are on social media. A lecturer will be teaching, and the students will be busy chatting or watching comedy skits in class, and they won’t grasp anything the lecturer taught in that class. For instance, a lecturer once asked a lady in his class to tell him what he had just talked about, she could not say a single word all the while she had been texting a friend, and this loss of focus/ attention will affect a person’s performance in tests and exams.

In conclusion, the popularity of social media today has shortened the attention span of people, and this has no hope of improving. The reduced attention span makes people walk into awaiting danger and not pay attention to things that will benefit them greatly. I believe discipline is needed if things are to get better.

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