People in The 21st Century Have a Better Quality of Life than In Previous Times

People in the 21st century have a better quality of life than in previous times. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Many people believe that 21st-century life is a better quality of life to live if we compare it with the life of people who were living before. However, I strongly believe that today’s quality of life is far better than the previous time. Let’s examine both views before concluding.

In my opinion, today’s life is totally different in all aspects that people live today. Nowadays, we have the internet, and we can do almost all the work and do all the necessary things through it. For example, if we had to pay our bills like utility bills, phone bills, monthly instalments to the bank, etc. We can do it through the internet, and we can do it from anywhere in the world. So, it means most people depend on the services they were not getting before. Thanks to the Revolution!

In addition, People nowadays are getting dependent on the services. For instance, In developed Countries they had almost all the resources a human being requires, from delivering food or grocery to their doorstep. Moreover, if we also see the medical side, people get assistance from doctors at their homes. However, all these facilities were not available before the 21st century. People had to think twice before taking any decisions because of fewer resources.

In a nutshell, people living the lifestyle in this century is far way different from the previous time. People are available with all the facilities that they have not thought of.

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