People Nowadays Send Text Messages More Frequently than They Talk

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People nowadays send text messages more frequently than they talk on the phone. What are the reasons for this trend? Do the advantages of texting outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample 1: People Nowadays Send Text Messages More Frequently than They Talk

In this technological world, people use numerous ways to communicate with each other. However, most individuals prefer to send text messages instead of making phone calls. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I have discussed the causes behind this trend and also given benefits over drawbacks.

To begin with, the main reason why people like to send messages to interact with someone is that we can share our thoughts with other people without making noise. Texting is a silent way to communicate because it doesn’t require us to speak; we can type our words by using not only the keyboard but also the touchpad, and it does not make a noise if we use silent mode on our mobile phones. In many places, such as libraries and temples, there are restrictions on making noise. Thus, people use texting instead of calling to interact with others.

There are many advantages as compared to disadvantages to using texting as a way of communicating. The first is that it is free of charge for all internet users on all telecommunication services. When we make a phone call, we need to pay some money to the operating company, whereas when we text, there are no charges. Moreover, another advantage is that there are many social platforms, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, on which we can share photos and videos as messages, which we can’t do on calls.

To conclude, people can connect with each other without any sound. Although making a phone call is less time-consuming to share our thoughts, texting is most popular because it is free.

Sample 2: People Nowadays Send Text Messages More Frequently than They Talk

The number of public users chatting has been increasing instead of calling up on the phone. In this essay, I am going to discuss both the positive side and the downside.

Firstly, the benefit of chatting letters is about saving time. Folk who are busy at the workplace and come home late so they just want to relax. If they have free time at the office, they will easily send a text which means they are careful with their peers. That will promote their relations positively. For example, there are more applications to contact simply any time, such as Facebook and WhatsApp… all help members of society to be close to each other. While calling the public by mobile takes such a long time and is needless.

On the other hand, one of the drawbacks to folk who tend to communicate by messages is reducing their response immediately. Because they open the letter and forget to reply, and thus, others think they just ignore it, so they stop to send them.

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Comparison to talking by phone. Even though they have a lot to deal with, they answer the call immediately. Another option could be children need to hear their family’s voice, such as (grandparents and aunts…). For instance, a recent study found that around 98% of American enjoy writing for their peers. Instead, calling with a voice due to a higher percentage of minors who cannot Know who is a member of the family who is talking with them reduces their awareness. Also, the impact of communication with sounds is to avoid wrong-meaning messages and understand them clearly.

In conclusion, chatting online has become more popular rather than talking by phone hence the pros and cons of using it.

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1 thought on “People Nowadays Send Text Messages More Frequently than They Talk”

  1. As technology has revolutionised and internet has taken the world by storm, more people prefer to send text messages rather than making calls to communicate with each other. This essay will outline the reasons behind this trend and also give benefits over drawbacks.
    To begin with, the main reason why people use text messaging as their main mode of communication is, it is convenient and effortless. As compared to calls, typing a message takes only a few seconds and can be delivered immediately whether the recipient mobile phone is on or off. Hence people don’t need to wait for the other person to pick up the call to pass on their information. What’s more, unlike phone calls, messaging doesn’t require a noise free or silent environment to convey the message without mistakes.
    There are numerous advantages of texting then the disadvantages. Most important of all, it is highly inexpensive. With the advancement of internet and social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat, texting doesn’t require so much money. People can effortlessly send their text alongside pictures and documents to convey the information in a more reliable way. Additionally, people can send information through messages without making a sound. So, if people are in a dangerous situation where they want to alert others without letting someone one, texting is the ideal option rather than making a call. It is also an excellent way of communication for deaf and mute people.
    In conclusion, through texting everyone can communicate with the other without speaking a word. Although calls help to convey messages in less time, texting is more popular because it is inexpensive and more accessible.

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