Students Should Be Primarily Taught Academic Subjects so That They Can Pass Exams

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Students should be primarily taught academic subjects so that they can pass exams, and practical skills such as cooking should not be taught. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1: Students Should Be Primarily Taught Academic Subjects so That They Can Pass Exams

It is irrefutable that nowadays, education is becoming necessary for children. While some believe that learners ought to learn the educational syllabus to attain clearance in exams rather than other activities such as cooking, others reject this notion. However, I completely disagree with the former statement. This essay will analyze my views by taking examples to demonstrate my views and prove my arguments.

There is no doubt that science and mathematics subjects should be given more importance in academic studies due to the fact that tutees can learn about logic and understand the world around them. However, not all scholars will become scientists in the future, but cooking food is necessary for all of them at every stage of their life. For example, after studies, some students move abroad if they do not have cooking skills they will face senior difficulties in their life. As a result, if they learn these skills in university, the worst situation can be avoided.

Cooking is a survival skill, and these activities help students learn more about nutritional facts and how to remain fit. What they really do is, learn how to prepare healthy and nutritious food for themselves under proper teacher’s supervision so that they can easily prepare distinct dishes easily without any trouble. For instance, a student who knows cooking has a low risk of diseases as they avoid junk food than individuals who do not know cooking. In addition, by gaining cooking skills, students become not only good cooks but also more innovative.

In conclusion, although the academic curriculum is beneficial, cooking is a survival skill and a protective factor against health issues. I believe that the academy should take the responsibility to educate children on some practical activities.

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Sample 2: Students Should Be Primarily Taught Academic Subjects so That They Can Pass Exams

Some believe that education is primarily taught subjects for passing academic exams. In addition, practical skill is should not important to teach students. I completely disagree with this statement.

Education is the biggest part of everyone’s life. First and foremost, education is not only learning academic books and also learning practical skills. To elaborate, practical skill is one of the important skills in our daily life. Moreover, every student wants to know about practical skills such as cooking, cleaning, washing and folding. Learning academic subjects and physical activities both are equal in our life. Apart from that, communicating skill is one of the important skills. A person is educated in academic subjects, but he/ she does not know how to communicate in a good way. It seems they failed in their achievement.

Secondly, There are a lot of well-known persons reached their goals become of their soft skills. Not only do they score very well in their academic subjects. For example, our retired president APJ Abdul Kalam is famous not because he is the president of India but also his character. His character took up his position, and his practical knowledge took up his goal. Furthermore, every human wants to know how to become a good person. It not only happens through academic education. I also want to know more about general and practical skills.

In conclusion, in my opinion, education is not only to achieve a good score in academic subjects it also to educate more about other skills.

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