Popular Hobbies and Interests Change Over Time to Time and Are More a Reflection

Popular hobbies and interests change over time to time and are more a reflection of fashions and trends than an indication of what people really want to do in their spare time. To what extent do you agree with this given statement?

Sample Answer of Popular Hobbies and Interests Change Over Time to Time and Are More a Reflection

Today’s paradigm shift has made it indispensable for people to use electronic gadgets for their domestic chores, such as paying the electricity and water bill, doing online shopping, and to name but a few. Mobile apps, namely Google pay, Paytm, Apple Pay, and Paypal, proved as icing on the cake for making instant payments. In my perspective, its advantages are more than disadvantages.

First off, making payments through mobile apps: Google pay, Paypal, and many more are gaining ground. Firstly, due to its convenient nature. To elaborate, it is a hassle-free activity as people just at one click can pay their bills, and they don’t need to stand in a queue for making payments. For instance, earlier, prior to the installation of these apps, people had to stand in a long line to withdraw or deposit the money; however, with the assistant of these apps, their stress has reduced, and they don’t think to bring a lot of cash with them, and now they feel more safe and secure.

Furthermore, due to unforeseen circumstances, namely pandemic, at such conditions, these are widely used. The classic example can be seen nowadays, when people, in order to escape from the fatal infection of Covid-19, are using these mobile apps. In addition, people get cash bags and hefty discounts on purchasing via these apps.

On the other hand, if its disadvantages are observed, then these are very few. First and foremost is that not all mobile apps are used everywhere. So it becomes a hard nut to crack for the masses to pay the money. Moreover, now and then, payments via google apps cannot be made easily due to its busy network as these are widely used by people. Besides, any app requires regular updates in line with revision from platform providers such as Apple and Google. Again companies that providing mobile app development services know this and would put a package together incorporating ongoing updates.

In conclusion, in my perspective, mobile apps are advantageous because people can make payments conveniently. Cashback facilities along with discounts make them use these apps more and more, and these apps avoid crowds at public places. As opposed to advantages, disadvantages are few. These mobile apps are very l fruitful for people.

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