Talk About Your Experience at a Gym Latest Cue Card

Talk about your experience at a gym latest cue card
You should say
What is the name of the gym?
Where is it?
When you joined it?
How was your overall experience of joining this gym?

Everybody wants to have a good physique and the reason being they are greatly influenced by famous personalities. So I think they do some exercise walk or join any gym. I would like to speak about a gym that I joined last year when the LockDown due to COVID-19 has done was over. It is a Stunning Look gym and which is at a stone’s throw from my home.

So it was very easy for me to go there. Apart from it, it has all the modern equipment. So I really had a very good experience there. I want to tell you that I was getting obese, and I didn’t look as pretty as I was earlier, and all my friends started to tease me and made fun of my body structure, and then I joined this gym.

I was very obese when I joined on the first day, but with the rigorous hard work, I reduced much weight by doing weightlifting and walking on a treadmill. Moreover, the instructions, given by the trainers, helped me a lot in reducing weight and when I completed this intensive course, I really was on the seventh heaven to wear my earlier dresses which I was unable to wear due to the protruded stomach and my friends, who were making fun of me earlier, really appreciated me for my efforts. So that was the time when I joined a gym.

Follow Up Questions Talk About Your Experience at a Gym Latest Cue Card 

Question:- Should people go in for sports more?

Definitely, they must join some sports activities in order to have a good physique and healthy life. People remain more alert and happy when they are relaxed.

Question:- Which sport is the best for people who aren’t used to work-out?

Well, a gentle walk and eating a balanced diet can be the best for people who can’t do vigorous physical exercises. Apart from it, sitting less in front of electronic gadgets can help a lot to provide a healthy lifestyle to people.

Question:- Why some people enjoy sports more than others?

People, particularly youngsters, enjoy more sports than any age group because they are adventurous by nature and more agile and are greatly inspired by sports personalities. Moreover, they want to build their career in the sports profession in order to earn name and fame and have a healthy lifestyle.

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