Talk About a Time When Someone/Something That Annoyed You

Talk about a time when someone/something that annoyed you
What is was it?
Where does it happen?
What did he/she say that annoyed you?
And Explain why it annoyed you?

Well, I am serene by nature and I don’t get irritate over trifles because I feel cool and more composed. But when things are not in my hand than I really get angry and here I would like to speak about a time when I got fed up and angry. Last year, when there was a complete lockdown due to COVID-19 and at the time lockdown annoyed me more as I have to sit for the whole day in my room and I had nothing to do any important work. So I got exhausted with my routine and that time really was very terrible.

Although I still feel the same for the same reason now there is more relaxation than the previous year. So it was hard to pass time and the incapability of government to provide a safe and secure ambience added fuel to the fire in escalating my anger. People were at the mercy of others and we’re very helpless. I felt a bit down when I gained weight due to consuming fast food All in all, I can say a tough time teaches u something and what I learnt was controlling aggression. So that was the time when I got frustrated.

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Question:- how do you react when you have to face a difficult situation?

Well, I don’t lose my heart. I strain all my nerves and try to beat the challenge because I learnt in my life never to stop but move forward.

Question:- why do people nowadays lose their temper at once when they face any difficult situation?

Because they have no patience and lack of healthy mind, diffidence, that make them more depressed and instead of bringing positivity in them, they become more pessimistic and develop false fear.

Question:- What are some solutions to decrease the high temper among people in this modern era?

People must take some sort of exercises like a gentle walk as well as they can do meditation and laughing loudly these are a few measures that really can ease the temper of the people. Moreover, spending time in public places like in the park, doing shopping, watching movies particularly comedy movies are greatly helpful in reducing the temper of the people.

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