Popular Hobbies and Interests Change Over Time to Time

Popular hobbies and interests change over time to time and are more a reflection of fashions and trends than an indication of what people really want to do in their spare time. To what extent do you agree with this given statement?

Sample Answer of Popular Hobbies and Interests Change Over Time to Time

People keep changing their hobbies under the influence of fashion they of new ones without having any interest in them I completely agree with the statement that it is due to changes in fashion and in my perspective it has an adverse effect on their psyche and to get name and fame they pursue new activities by replacing the old ones.

At the outset, people keep changing their past time activities under the influence of fashion because they remain updated and some leisure activities are discarded by the youngsters as they consider these outdated such as stamp collecting or collecting the pictures of their favourite actor or actress. These were the past activities of a bygone era so they prefer to alter these old fashioned activities with new ones to make themselves innovative as now people like to read more and they are eager to take part in adventurous sports. Hence they have changed their hobbies in order to earn name and fame and I think which is not a bad thing in itself but taking part in these out of one’s interest are futile endeavours.

People may give a rational view behind this change. They may say that these give them more pleasure and are all new for them to learn and remove their monotony but in reality, technology has made them adventurous and now without being focused on conventional hobbies, they want to do something different namely scuba diving paragliding which was earlier not heard of, and now people choose to show their valour and these they do without having any interest in them. Apart from it, peer group pressure is another factor that is responsible for this change as they want to prove themselves unique from others. So they continuously change their hobbies.

In conclusion, Thus people change their hobbies and taste owing to getting up to date, remove monotony and doing something exciting and adventurous. Although they are not keen to opt for new hobbies; but, they choose to set up their unique Identity.

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