Prison Is the Common Way Most Countries Try to Solve the Problem of Crime: Writing Task 2

Prison is the common way most countries try to solve the problem of crime. However, a more practical solution is to provide the public with a better education. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is ostensible that the proportion of crimes rapidly surged worldwide since it has become a crucial issue in the community. Therefore, today pertains to whether to penalise an offender within a prison sentence and this method is also followed by many countries around the world but this issue could be tackled and improve the situation with the quality of education is more effective to solve this problem. I firmly coincide it is an affirmative tendency and withstand the stated nation. However, these methods are crucial for resolving criminal activities. I would like to explicate at length in the paragraphs to come.

To begin, the most effective resolution to plummet the ratio of crimes among the countries through education and awareness, thus leads prisoners should be diverted to the right path and discern the importance of human life in the community instead of a life sentence and punishment. For example, in a recent report by the Tribune, which mentioned an article on criminals, all the crimes can be declined through promotion and education among the wrongdoers. It concludes that when they interact themself in education seminars, the majority of prisons would like to drop the track of violence. In addition, education has immense power to change the individual personality and put them back on the right path. This means offenders engage themselves in productivity which they were deprived of for long years. Afterwards, they can enhance their quality of life and become entertainment people in a short period.

On the other hand, education also plays a significant role in managing the whole community well; firstly; youngsters should be taught the importance of laws which influence their lives. This means grasping the knowledge about legislation those youngsters keep away from terrible situations such as crimes and other hard offences. For instance, the US government has taken the initiative to reduce the number of crimes and make compulsory the law subject in every institution or college. As a result majority of youngsters show more interest in other activities rather than looking into criminal activities. Moreover, putting them behind bars is not worth treating the offenders even if it makes them more cruel and violent after completing their punishment in prison.

To conclude, I believe that in prison sentence is not efficient in reducing the ratio of crimes in the community. Their education awareness is the most confined alternative to overcome the tendency of offences from the world.

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