Project You Made in School IELTS Speaking Cue Card with Answer IELTS EXAM

Project you made in school: IELTS speaking cue card with answer. Talk about a group activity you did. Talk about a memorable activity in school. You should say:

  • What was it?
  • How did you do it?
  • How did you feel?

Well, I remember a science project 🧪 which I completed in my 10th class 🏫. I finished it with the help of my classmates 🤝. We were a group of four students 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. We did it under the guidance of my Biology teacher 👩‍🔬 who assigned us this project. In this project, we had to make a clay model of the digestive system of the human body 🧍‍♂️. The whole project was fun, to be honest 😄. I enjoyed doing it.

At first, we made a paste by mixing clay, lime, and water 💧. Then we made the models of kidneys, liver, and blood vessels 🏥. Then we carefully molded it on a cardboard 📦. After that, we painted the kidneys and the liver with brown color 🟤 and the blood vessels with red color 🔴. It took almost a day to complete this project ⏳, and we were delighted 😊. It was really hard work, to be honest, but quite satisfying in the end 🏅.

And it was even more satisfying because it was perhaps my first project in school 🎒, and I got an A+ grade for it 📈. Honestly speaking, I was very thrilled 😃. I was feeling on top of the world actually 🌎. In the end, I can say that I was really happy and proud to complete this project successfully 👏.


Follow-up questions: Project You Made in School

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  2. How can children learn through teamwork?
  3. What are the disadvantages of teamwork?

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