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Schools Are No Longer Needed Because Children Can Find So Much

Schools Are No Longer Needed Because Children Can Find So Much

Schools are no longer needed because children can find so much information on the internet and study at home. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this essay?

Undoubtedly, advanced technology has been gaining roots in every sphere of life where teaching and learning are not exceptions. Children, nowadays, are more dependent on the Internet despite schools, as such some assume that there is no requirement of schools anymore. I firmly disagree with this perspective, and upcoming segments elaborate my viewpoint on this with factual examples.

To embark with, the Internet is an impressive helping hand for students in the learning process. Every knowledge, either required or not, is just a click away from them. However, thinking that teaching institutions are not essential anymore, I believe it is not justifiable. Schools are not meant for studies merely. Here one not only gets knowledge of academics but also have a handful of experience in extracurricular activities. To exemplify, many artists have grown from education institutes such as Satinder Sartaj, a renowned Punjabi singer. Hence, without schools, our today’s entertainment industry would not have such gems.

In addition to this, the availability of teachers at school is vital for children’s all-around development. Imparting social values and making emotionally stable and career guidance are pivotal roles that a teacher performs at school premises. Furthermore, teaching institutes provide career opportunities in the form of campus recruitment for the greener future of their pupils. For instance, most of the children have offer letters to them at management schools of Canada before exams. Therefore, in the absence of schools, educational aspirants will deprive of social values and job chances.

To conclude, although Internet has everything for children to learn, it can never replace school and tutors physically since extracurricular activities, career guidance and jobs in advance cannot be undermined that one could have at school only.

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