Shops Should Not Be Allowed to Sell Food or Drinks that Have Been Scientifically Proven Bad for People’s Health

Shops should not be allowed to sell food or drinks that have been scientifically proven bad for people’s health. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 Shops Should Not Be Allowed to Sell Food or Drinks that Have Been Scientifically Proven Bad for People’s Health

It has been argued that selling beverages or any food proved by scientists harmful to human health should be banned. I completely agree with this perspective, as it will escalate the financial burden on the government and the people. Moreover, life expectancy will be lower.

First off, undoubtedly fast food or beverages, either hot or cold, change the taste of the tongue of the people. However, its adverse impact on people’s health makes it mandatory for shop owners to stop selling them. If people continue to consume them, they will experience psychological and physiological problems such as lack of concentration, malnutrition, stomach ulcer, and obesity, to name a few. To cure themselves from the problems mentioned above, they must take medication, which can escalate their financial burden. The treatment might be expensive. Moreover, the government also has to spend a lot of money in the medical sector to improve the condition of the people. It includes drugs, doctor’s fees, and expenditure on building healthcare centres. Thus, there are higher chances of neglecting other sectors, such as educational sports.

Furthermore, the longevity of humans will also drop. Individuals would not be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Recently, it has been proved by American scientists that one slice of pizza deteriorates 8 mins of life, whereas soft drinks reduce 12 minutes of life. Therefore to stop the mortality rate, it is a must for a seller to ban these products. In addition, if the population decreases during the time of war or other mishappenings, a country will have to rely on other’s help as this news is selling like hot cakes that the Russian government will give 10 to 13 lakhs to those families who will bear more than 12 children. In my perspective, it is sought by the government to equip its country with manpower as the country’s population has a big hand in its progress. So, to sustain it, unhealthy food or drinks must be outlawed.

To conclude, it is clear that the products which have been proved unhealthy should be prohibited from selling in the market. If it is not done, there will be an additional burden on the pocket of ordinary men, reducing the long life span of the multitude, who are the backbone of any nation.

Sample 2 Shops Should Not Be Allowed to Sell Food or Drinks that Have Been Scientifically Proven Bad for People’s Health

People are more conscious about their eating habits now than ever. It is argued that shops should not be allowed to sell soft drinks and food items that are proved detrimental to an individual’s health. This essay will discuss the possible reasons why a ban on such eating items is essential for long and healthy life.

To begin with, the Government should play an active role in regulating the content of every eatable item that is dumped in the marketplace over the years. Due to the rising population and the growing demand, a substantial number of companies are entering the Food and Beverage industry. They are forced to sell products at a very cheap rate to create their own niche or capture the market. Therefore, they use raw materials of the lowest quality in order to survive in this highly competitive industry. Fast food items such as Chips, Frozen items like Pizzas, French fries, etc., and processed foods have high-fat content and are engulfed in low-quality oil. Additionally, soft drinks have high sugar content in all their goods. These are the main reasons for the increasing number of heart attacks, obesity and diabetes in children and young adults.

On the other hand, the lower middle class and somebody having financial problems are bound to eat such unhealthy items as they are cheaper than healthier ones. Shop owners also get a high commission on these low-quality products, and to maximise their profits, they keep a pile of stock and advise their customers to try these items. A packet of fried chips or a can of sugary soft drinks costs much less than a healthy sandwich or a glass of juice.

To conclude, the Government should ban these items or, at the least, levy an “Unhealthy tax” on food items or drinks that are detrimental to people’s health. Such steps will force the manufacturers to develop a healthier version, and the tax collected can be passed on as food benefits to the needy.

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