Some Argue That Patriotism is the Primary Cause of Wars Globally: Writing Task 2

Some argue that patriotism is the primary cause of wars globally. Others feel that it serves to prevent less ethical politicians from running a country and starting wars. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample 1 Some Argue That Patriotism is the Primary Cause of Wars Globally

Patriotism is a feeling which keeps everyone attached to their country. Some people believe that this Patriotism is the primary reason for wars between nations worldwide, whilst others say that it plays a crucial role in preventing the beginning of wars. It saves the country from the unethical intentions of politicians. I, too, agree with the latter opinion and believe that Patriotism is vital for citizens of every nation. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss both views along with my opinion.

Every individual’s mindset is different. Some individuals deal aggressively with every situation. Such people try to begin a fight among nations in terms of Patriotism. They just represent all the bad things about other nations and try to gain the attention of local people. They misguide youngsters that they have a threat from some other country, and as a result, individuals of different nations have the feeling of hatred for each other. For instance, terrorists in Pakistan brainwash teenagers against India, and they manipulate them in such a way that they believe if they want to serve their nation, they have to destroy India. However, this is not the true meaning of Patriotism. Some individuals take advantage of the innocence of people and try to begin the war. Hence, individuals believe that Patriotism can contribute to the beginning of world war.

On the other hand, people who understand the true meaning of Patriotism behave responsibly and use it to protect their nation instead of harming others. Such individuals stand up for their nation when there is a need. For instance, Ukrainian people are giving fight to save their nation from Russia represents real Patriotism as they have not started the fight, but they are fighting to save their motherland. Moreover, genuinely patriotic people do not get influenced by the opinion of any politicians. They use logic and check what benefits their nation before implementing anything.

In my opinion, the feeling of Patriotism is essential for residents of any nation. This is the feeling which gives the strength to fight against any problematic situation. This gives courage to everyone. To cite an example, because of it, mothers get ready to send their children to the Army, and Individuals are ready to die for the nation. Without this critical feeling, people in the same country would never feel connected. This has helped to fight many battles in the past for India and to win freedom in 1947. We can never forget the Patriotism shown by our freedom fighters, who were embodiments of real Patriotism.

To conclude, Patriotism is something that keeps citizens united. However, few people take the wrong benefit of this, and they misguide people against another country rather than focusing on their county. True Patriotism is something every nation desires from its citizens, isn’t it?

Sample 2 Some Argue That Patriotism is the Primary Cause of Wars Globally

It has been argued by a few people that love for one’s nation is the leading cause of international Wars. However, others consider it reasonable to stop working with immoral politicians to rule a country and create war-like situations. In my perspective, jingoism is essential to save one’s nation from the clutches of corrupt government, as patriots can lead their nation and maintain peace not only in their country but also in other countries.

According to the first school of thought, boundless love for one’s nation doesn’t allow the patriots to tolerate criticism about their nation by other countries. Resultantly, the masses start protecting their country. Sometimes it is done even at the cost of one’s life. Moreover, individuals’ nourishment, education and employment in their nation remind them about their responsibilities to their country. When it is time to pay back, they don’t hesitate to save it. A recent example is Ukraine’s fight with Russia. Even young people contributed by joining the army to fight against the opposing country. Instead of leaving their country, they took a stand to help out its people.

On the other hand, It is believed suitable to protect one’s nation from Immoral politicians’ bad strategies that can fuel the fire. In their opinion, patriots are familiar with the government’s tactics, which constantly seek its profit by creating war-like situations. So patriots, with their lectures and demonstrations, try to awaken the spirit of their comrades. Consequently, individuals can quickly identify what is good or bad for them. To exemplify, a cricket match between India and Pakistan always gives a chance for dirty political strategies to create tension between the two nations. However, a real patriot, instead of condemning others, appreciates the winning team and sets himself or herself as an example for others to stay away from these Ill-feelings.

To conclude, thus it is apparent that excessive love for one’s country can become the cause of global war. However, simultaneously it can make other people aware of the wrong policies of a state and also give a chance to patriot to lead their nation because they understand well the conditions of their country.

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