You Will Be Celebrating Your Son’s 6th Birthday Next Week.

You will be celebrating your son’s 6th birthday next week. You want to invite one of your colleagues to attend the birthday party. Write an invitation letter to this college. In your letter,

invite your colleague to your son’s birthday party
give details of the party and its date and time
say how happy you and your family would be to have him/her at the party

Dear Naveen,

I am writing this letter to request you to be part of my child’s 6th birthday celebration we have planned for the upcoming week. Let me reveal to you something that, due to the pandemic restrictions, I am not able to invite our entire peer groups to this party. As we planned for this special occasion months before, most of the hotels are not functioning properly due to the present pathetic scenario.

You are one of my dearest companions and more than a colleague; please join us with your family and bless our child for the coming week 02-09-2021 Saturday evening 6.00 pm at Beach Bay hotel. We only get limited hours for the celebrations. Moreover, we need special permissions for conducting such events. In addition, I have already invited our managing director for this occasion. Likewise, he is the only special guest for that evening.

We are overwhelmed with fantabulous joy and equanimity. Because we have waited for several years for his birth. By god grace, he is healthy and happy at all times and showing excellence in his activities. We are very pleased to introduce him to in front of you for the same day.

Hope to see you soon.

Yours lovingly,

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