Some Feel that Students Should Not Have to Take Standardized Tests

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Some feel that students should not have to take standardized tests in school. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1:- Some Feel that Students Should Not Have to Take Standardized Tests

It has been observed that students must not need to take standardized tests in schools. I completely disagree with it as these tests display an individual’s progress thoroughly as well as many educational and psychological problems can be solved with these tests.

To begin with, standardized test display learners’ progress thoroughly. To elaborate, sometimes it becomes difficult for teachers to assess the achievement of learners because some people do well in their routine tests while others outperform in final exams. Therefore, it cannot be an injustice to any student; these tests give a thorough report of students. Then, on the basis of their weekly or monthly scores, they are evaluated. For instance, home- assignments, unit tests, and participation in curricular activities play a vital role in bringing credits to the students. So these are mandatory to know the progress of a student.

Moreover, educational and psychological problems can be sorted out with these tests. To explain, many times, it is seen that students find difficulty in their studies. Under the influence of their peer groups or parents, they opt for the wrong stream without their interest. So pupils can discover their aptitude through these tests and save themselves from disruptive results. Similarly, their psychological problems can be solved with the help of these tests. If they are happy and depressed due to family issues or themselves, their energy can be channelized, and they are suggested to take relaxation therapies. With these, individuals will feel at ease, and they can lead a peaceful life. For instance, before enrolling in tertiary education, students are necessary to appear in these tests to learn about their aptitude, knowledge, and personality. These tests help teachers to solve their academic and mental problems. In this way, the teaching-learning process is facilitated.

To conclude, it is clear that normal tests are mandatory for students to keep a thorough record of the student’s progress as well as these tests assist mentors in handling students who find difficulty in studying and who also experience psychological issues.

Sample 2:- Some Feel that Students Should Not Have to Take Standardized Tests

Different countries have maintained their education standards by having professors and scholars with experience to review and set examinations based on the level of knowledge accessed. Some people may say that students should not have to sit for standardized tests because it is mentally draining for them. In my opinion, I totally disagree because these tests help us be better in society.

Foremost, these qualifying tests will have a negative impact on the mental health of the students. Presently, due to more individuals having access to contemporary education, there have been stages such as primary, secondary, and tertiary. For example, before passing any of any levels in an institution, you must have sat and passed the exams to take you to the next. Similarly, this has resulted in people being mentally drained because it all requires reading from different books, which can lead to people having mental issues such as anxiety disorders and depression.

In my opinion, I strongly disagree because these standardized assessments would help us be a better version of society. In every sphere of life, there are governing rules to help us achieve our dreams, which could improve society. For instance, as an individual who wants to venture into the medical field, each department has its own exams so they can take the most suitable for the job. If this is not implemented, there will be high numbers of charlatans which would affect society. Therefore, it is important to place these examinations to get the best service out of the medical field.

In conclusion, these tests may have their cons that can lead to mental illness in some individuals, but I strongly disagree that people should not sit for the tests because it aids us in inputting good deeds into the country.

Sample 3

It is often argued that it is not necessary for schoolchildren to write standardized exams. I’m afraid I have to disagree with the motion, and this essay will discuss my reasons.

To begin, writing test helps to identify the strength and the weakness of the students. This exam enables students to know the subjects that they fall short of and improve upon. It also helps teachers to evaluate and know their student’s abilities in learning in order to give them special attention in every subject. For instance, end-of-semester exams are written in school with passing marks to access the pupil’s knowledge.

Moreover, standard tests are needed in order to further education. For example, in Ghana, a WASSEC certificate is a major requirement for enrollment into the university, as well as IETS is also needed by some foreign universities. As a result, these tests are essential to write to enable individuals to get admission to these educational institutions to pursue their dreams.

In conclusion, I believe that it is quite important for students to take standardized tests because this will help them to evaluate themselves and help them to enroll in other educational institutions.

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