Some parents say that children should play individually

Some parents say that children should play individually

more than in a group.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this and include your own opinion)

sample answer:


To become fit physically and mentally every person must need to engaging in spots rather it would be individual or group sports. As every person has a different mentality regarding participating in sports, some parents asset that through the individual games any children can learn management skills as compared to team sports. In my perspective, both individual and group spots are equally important to develop the overall performance of children.

paragraph 1:

There are several advantages of individual sports hence some parents think that children should play individually to get more benefits than in a group. Firstly, in individual sports, a single person’s effort is required to win any games. So individually and children can learn many things through their own efforts. Take an example for better understanding of this, chess is a game in which a single person’s effort and logic is required to ruin opposite participants. Other than that, some parents think in group spots If any children do not perform well then it can create a Worse impact on the whole team. Moreover, in individual games after winning whole credit goes to a single child so that child Can get a more name and fortune as compared to participating in team sports.

paragraph 2:

There are several drawbacks of this trend firstly, through individual games children may become self-centered. To be specific, individually any children face lots of difficulties to cope up with other children. Furthermore, in group sports children have a chance to learn different skills such as leadership, teamwork, and many others through the tremendous ability of team members and children to get motivation through different children in the team.

paragraph 3:

In my opinion, both individual and team sports are equally important to become a better version of children. Because individual sports learn them their own efforts to win any game, safe play, earn name, and Fortune, and through the team, they can learn leadership quality, teamwork, and many others.


In conclusion, despite having more opportunities to gain more knowledge through individual sports I think group sports are as equal as individual spots to become better versions of children and grab any opportunity effectively.

This is the end of writing task 2(Some parents say that children should play individually more than in a group.)

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1 thought on “Some parents say that children should play individually”

  1. Heena Kochhar

    Many mothers and fathers opine that a child should often play alone rather than in group. I disagree with this and infact favour his group involvement to encourage positive child growth. The merits and drawbacks discussed below would prove my point of view.

    The negative effects stemmed from solo playing can be devastating. Perhaps, a child seems less active when he play video games, building blocks, toys and so on. Boredom caused by such games may incline a child to frustration and aggression. Consequently, a child may suffer symptoms of stress and anxiety. Another psychological impact is, children become introvert and develop and social behaviour. They are the detached from group learning and are unable to socialize with family and peers. This undermines their interpersonal skills and make them underperform both academically and socially. As a consequence, a child may fail in absorbing positive social values.

    On the positive side, solo playtime instill independence in children. They learn to have fun on their own. That don’t tend to count on others for their happiness and entertainment. Additionally, playing alone brings about calmness to the children and they begin to understand their emotions. They learn to look inward to become their own problem solvers. As a consequence, they feel more comfortable when they are alone. To add, solo playing establishes healthy family atmosphere meaning that caregivers can earn a much needed break when a child is busy playing alone.

    Overall, in spite of some positives of playing alone I reiterate that a child should be involved more in group activities than in individual ones because this would strengthen his social acceptance that will establish his recognition among the society.

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