Some People Believe that Children Who Commit Crimes Should Be Punished

Some people believe that children who commit crimes should be punished. Others think that the children’s parents should be punished instead. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1: Some People Believe that Children Who Commit Crimes Should Be Punished

It is argued that juveniles must be penalized for committing crimes in order to make them civilized. Others consider that their parents should be punished as they play a vital role in moulding their personality. In my opinion, giving punishment to children is essential for any crime to make their living comfortable and punishing parents is desirable as they have a big hand in shaping them.

According to the former view, nippers should be punished for doing wrong in order to make them civilized. To elaborate, when children commit petty crimes and if they are caught red-handed, they are punished for their wrongdoing. Thus, they become conscious of their actions’ bad consequences and avoid doing anything wrong. For instance, picking pockets, asking for ransom, and kidnapping are the crimes that most youngsters commit. Therefore, punishing them by sending them to jail, verbal warning, or physical punishment can create fear in their minds, and they will keep an arm’s distance from crime and will behave gently in society. So, giving punishment to them is indispensable for their living comfortably in society.

According to the latter view, punishing parents is good as they have a main role in shaping their behaviour. To explain it, children learn mostly from their parents, and whatever is taught to them, they fully act upon that. Therefore, saying nothing to their children upon doing anything wrong instigates the children to be involved in criminal activities. As a result, there are higher chances of becoming a thief or a smuggler in future. So, caretakers must be punished because they fail to turn their children into productive citizens of a country or society. To exemplify it, when a child steals a pen or other stationery of his friend, he or she is not deterred from repeating it. Consequently, they become criminals.

To conclude, it is clear that giving the right punishment for a crime is needed if children commit it. After getting punishment, children will avoid doing illegal activities. Parents must be punished as they have a greater influence on their children. Due to their negligence, children involved get involved in criminal activities and ruin their lives.

Sample 2: Some People Believe that Children Who Commit Crimes Should Be Punished

It is irrefutable that increasing crime among teenagers is the most noticeable problem everyone should recognize. It is believed by several individuals that kids ought to be punished for committing the crime; others reject this notion, arguing that their guardians should be punished rather than children. However, in my opinion, I strongly agree with the former statement. This essay will analyze both views by taking instances to demonstrate points and prove arguments in the impending paragraphs.

To begin with, many people believe that rather than punish children, it is better to give this to their parents due to a plethora of factors, but the most predominant one is careless behaviour towards their offspring. To elucidate further, both parents are working now, and due to this, they not only spend time with their juveniles but also neglect their online and offline activities. Despite this, some parents also perform inappropriate acts in front of their kids so that teenagers learn the same. A boy in Bihar, for instance, hit the girl because he always saw his father. Who beat his mother numerous times.

On the other hand, I would like to be on the side of those who assert that children should be penalized. First of all, if their parents or other regimes punished them, they would have some fear in their minds that they would not repeat this crime again in the future. Even though children may know what is right or wrong for them, giving punishment to parents instead of kids has a negative impact on society, and due to this, numerous youngsters commit offences unnecessarily. To exemplify, In India, it was written in a famous newspaper that some youngsters put acid on a girl because she refused the boy’s proposal. As a result, this type of offence is only controlled by giving strict punishment.

In conclusion, parents are sometimes equally responsible for their children’s crimes. It has a detrimental impact on society, so kids should be penalized for their own mistakes. I strongly assert that it benefits families and society; consequently, only children should be penalized.

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