Some People Believe that Hobbies Need to Be Difficult to Be Enjoyable: Writing Task 2

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Some people believe that hobbies need to be difficult to be enjoyable. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In today’s world, pastimes are crucial for any person in order to relax and rejuvenate from hectic schedules. Some of them claim that these activities must be tedious and only then it is feasible to have fun. However, in my perspective, I vehemently disaccord with the given assertion, which says that hobbies must be rigorous, and I will explicate my stance in the forthcoming paragraphs with credible illustrations.

To start with, some individuals foster that leisure activities are fun-filled provided they are challenging. Nevertheless, I anticipate that it should be relaxing rather than creating additive pressure and making it cumbersome. There are a plethora of hobbies such as swimming, music, dance, athletics and reading novels. The youngsters inculcate these pastimes in their daily life to forego numerous psychological hurdles. To cite an example, when a person is suffering from depression and anxiety, therapists advice them to include hobbies which would be a noteworthy deviation. Additionally, middle-aged people who are swamped with massive workloads at their workplaces feel that it is crucial to adopt a hobby to relieve themselves from work pressure and have an amazing time when taking part in these activities. Hence, with excess difficulties, the public is liable to added disturbances rather than enjoying their leisure hours.

On a similar note, the government is taking measures and establishing norms to introduce many leisure hours during school. This makes pupils distracted from their studies and are not liable to mental pressure. The educational department is considering making a minimum of two co-curricular activities mandatory for students and can select as per their desire. Furthermore, parents are motivating their children to have a hobby after their return from school. They are encouraging their wards to take ample breaks during study hours which eventually makes them concentrate in an optimal manner.

Taking everything into consideration, in my view, pastimes should be filled with optimism, enjoyment and happiness rather than invoking hurdles and making our lives more challenging.

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