Some People Believe that It Is the Responsibility of Individuals to Take Care

Some people believe that it is the responsibility of individuals to take care of their own health and diet. Others, however, believe that governments should make sure that their citizens have a healthy diet. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is observed that few citizens think that ruling authorities must take care of the habit of eating of the citizens. On the other hand, few people think that it is their own duty. There is divided opinion on this. My preference is explained further.

Examining the former view, the propionate claim that it is the duty of the government to take care of the food habit of people. To a large extent, it is like imposing the rules if there are strict rules for junk food availability. For example, if there are limited outlets, many people will avoid going to such places. Also, they can put restrictions on the production of certain food. To add to that, the government also can put a restriction on soft drink products. So as much as less availability as less use. So by that, they can control the uses.

On the other hand, many believe that it is their responsibility of own to take care of their health. As now a day youngsters prefer to eat outside food, but their parents should take care of their eating habits. As they are the Pioneers of their children. All the good and bad things taught by elders to their kids. And kids also listen to their parents only. So it becomes their own duty to look after this.

All in all, it can be said that government is not responsible for the eating habit of people. It is an individual’s duty to take care of their diet. Government can not control diet because it will be a bad impact on the ruling authorities.

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