Some People Believe that Professionals, Such as Doctors and Engineers, Should Be Required to Work in The Country Where They Did Their Training

Some people believe that professionals, such as doctors and engineers, should be required to work in the country where they did their training. Others think they should be free to work in another country if they wish. Discuss views and give your own opinion.

There has been a debate among the community members regarding travelling the professional workforce to other countries and serving them. A section of society agrees that medical and engineering professionals are obliged to help their lands. At the same time, the other critics have a democratic belief that they should have the right to decide on their own about the nation where they would like to continue their employment. Although both aspects hold significance, my inclination is toward a later viewpoint.

On the one hand, despite my disagreement, a category of people discern that professional work sectors have to serve their national services. This is because when they migrate to work in other countries, their homeland would be deprived of professionals serving them. Moreover, they might face cultural bias in the host countries that will consequently impede them from fulfilling their dreams. An eminent example of this is the Gulf Countries which ensure thriving jobs for their natives in order to encourage them to stay in their countries. Thus, as long as skilled workers are given promising job prospects by their mother countries, they will exert their utmost efforts to stay and develop their countries. Most of these professional courses are sponsored by the government through numerous scholarships. Consequently, serving the home nation could help in paying back the hard-earned money of the taxpayers, out of which the scholarship was paid to the candidates.

On the other hand, critics and I believe that citizens of any category have the right to choose where to live and work according to their preferences. To illustrate this, if medical practitioners and civil engineers suffer from poor labour conditions in their countries, they will ultimately seek higher life and work standards globally. In Egypt, for instance, a plethora of professionals migrate as they suffer from deteriorated health and infrastructure environment. Therefore, what can be said from this example is that not only do detrimental local conditions lead to brain drain, but they also lead to the suffering of the citizens.

In conclusion, it can be reiterated that even though a proportion of people believe that professionals who pursued their internship in definite countries ought to work in the same countries, I think they have the right to quest for more prestigious work and life circumstances. Hence, authorities should entice their valuable workforce to stay by supporting them with prosperous opportunities.

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