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Some People Believe that Studying at University or College Is the Best Route to A Successful Career

Some People Believe that Studying at University or College Is the Best Route to A Successful Career

Some people believe that studying at university or college is the best route to a successful career, while others believe that it is better to get a job straight after school. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is argued that getting a territory

education is the only way to make the future bright, while others think that acquiring employment immediately after schooling is an ideal option for the candidate. In my perspective, attaining a degree can make the future of people prosperous, and they will have a variety of choices in employment.

To begin with, the first school of thought believed in obtaining a University degree that would assist the masses in choosing a job of their choice with other lucrative benefits such as accommodation, higher wages, overseas trips, and to name but a few. Moreover, their designation in society will also rise, and this trend will promote higher education more as it has been seen that the masses hardly enrol in higher education. They generally involve themselves in other jobs that take a lot of time for them to reach a senior post. So, those, who consider higher education essential to get prosperity, are known as doctors and researchers.

On the other hand, doing a job directly after schooling is indispensable for the downtrodden persons. It is because they are unable to pay their fee as well as they have other responsibilities for their families. Thus, they justify it by saying that the ultimate goal of education is to link it with occupation and if they get a job before enrolling themselves further in education. It will be more advantageous for them. For instance, some students for able to clear the entrance exam for the post of peon or sweeper. If they find their niche very soon, then it is considered a wastage of time to do further study.

In conclusion, thus, it is ostensible that both ideas have their own explanation. If one gives value to higher education for a successful career, then at the same time, others believe in doing a job after schooling because they can bear their expenditure. It is said that for those who want to touch the sky like a skylark bird, for them getting a degree is important, and for others, it is a means of making both ends meet.

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