Some People Believe that The Experiences Children Have Before They Go to School: IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

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Some people believe that the experiences children have before they go to school will have the most significant effect on their future life. Others argue that experiences gained when they are teenagers have a more substantial influence. Discuss both views and give your own opinions.

The experiences that one has and the situations that one faces during different phases of life have a bigger impact on his/her future. Some individuals believe that the experiences during childhood, especially before school, have more impact, while others believe that the experience gained during their adolescence are more impactful. I, too, agree with the latter opinion, and in the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss both views along with my opinion.

Childhood memories are the best ones in anyone’s life. During that period, everyone loves you, feeds you, and plays with you. Most people’s memory of this period is happy. Still, there are few cases when individuals have to watch the fight between parents or may feel neglected by parents because of their busy work life and in some extreme situations, one has to bear abuse also. This kind of behaviour has an influence on one’s mind because, during that age, one can not differentiate between right and wrong, and he/she learns whatever he/she sees. To cite an example, If one has seen his/her father beating his/her mother, he/she believes it is normal to beat anyone. Although these memories have an influence on one’s mind, there might be chances that one can forget these memories with advancing age as one has seen things instead of experiencing them by himself/herself.

On the other hand, teenagers are growing and learning new things, and they have the ability to think. They can judge right and wrong, and as the age advances, one has to deal with different situations, and while dealing with them, one gain experience through the approaches one has chosen and the outcome of these approaches. In other words, in their teens, they think about outcomes, or they try to avoid mistakes which they made in the past. For example, if one has ruined his/her relationship with someone because of anger issues, in future relationships, he/she will be more careful about his/her anger, and he/she will work on it. So, it is impossible to forget the knowledge one gained during growing age.

In my opinion, although every situation is impactful in one’s life, memories and experiences of adolescence have more power than childhood memories. The reason for this is that with advancing age those memories might fade away or in childhood if one face any difficulty one directly approaches his/her parents and get solution for it; however, in teenage, sometimes one do not share everting with parents and try to find a solution by himself/herself. Also, some might overthink, which can lead to the issue of depression in many youngsters that may never be seen in childhood.

To conclude, life is filled with lots of experiences at every stage, but the impact of each stage is different. While childhood does play a role, experiences during adolescence have much more impact on one’s future because their thinking ability during that phase is much better than that in childhood, and those choices are way more important than one we make as a child isn’t it?

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