Some People Believe that The Increasing Number of Vehicles: Writing Task 2

Some people believe that the increasing number of vehicles is one of the biggest problems facing cities, while others believe that cities have bigger challenges. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Believe that The Increasing Number of Vehicles

Nowadays, the increasing vehicle is a very vast problem. Few individuals agree that increasing the number of vehicles is the biggest problem in cities, while in other countries people believe that it is a big challenge. I agree with the first statement and discuss both views mentioned above in the subsequent paragraphs.

In the contemporary era, the number of vehicles is increasing day by day because of better lifestyles and time management. Whenever people have their own vehicles, they easily manage their time and move from one place to another. However, this not only affects the environment but also affects people’s health. Besides this, parking is a measure problem at this time. Because people park their vehicles on the roadside, then country people face issues when they drive vehicles. For example, Ahmedabad city face parking problem and environmental issues due to the increasing number of vehicles.

On the paradoxical side, increasing vehicles is the biggest challenge. Because nowadays, parking spaces are fewer in intelligent cities. In fact, some cities have significant buildings for parking vehicles. In addition, people cannot be aware of parks in the proper way. Sometimes, the government has a vehicle because people park in no-parking zones. For instance, the metro city made a building for parking vehicles. The result is to overcome the ratio of parking problems.

To conclude, although increasing the number of vehicles is a vast problem because of imposing lifestyle and time management, it has been a big challenge because nowadays parking vehicles are a big problem. However, I agree with the former statement because people like to use personal vehicles because of excellent loan rates and schemes.

Sample 2 Some People Believe that The Increasing Number of Vehicles

People have differing views concerning problems and difficulties seen by cities. According to some people levelling off the number of road transportation is a significant problem. At the same time, it is argued that cities have more considerable challenges than it. I feel that the increasing number of vehicles affects the growth of the cities more than other things.

On the other hand, now more and more people can buy cars and use them for personal use. As a result, the number of vehicles is rising on the roads, causing problems such as traffic jams, air pollution, noise pollution etc. Moreover, due to the excess amount of road transportation, the meantime of people spend on the roads while stuck in traffic jams and this type of activity causes road rage.

Lastly, due to high traffic on the roads, many people lost their lives in road accidents, and school students got late to reach their schools.
On the other hand, there are other things that cities are facing nowadays. To increase the development speed of the cities government should have to invest in the educational sector, for example, primary schools, colleges, skills centres and many more. Likewise, the educational sector and the healthcare sector are equally important. It helps in the overall development of the country, and health facilities are the primary right of the citizens, so more and more hospitals, medical colleges, and clinics have to install in the cities to ensure the good health of the local ones. Finally, the government have to work on the safety of the cities as well as the people living there from terrorist and natural disasters.

In conclusion, I believe that first of all cities have to solve the increasing number of vehicles problem in the cities and then work on the other things.

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