Some People Believe that The Increasing Use of Computers and Mobile Phones

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Some people believe that the increasing use of computers and mobile phones for communication is having a negative impact on the reading and writing skills of young people. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1:-Some People Believe that The Increasing Use of Computers and Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and computers are among the most important inventions that have brought huge convenience and efficacy. While people argue that the use of these gadgets for communication  having a bad impact on reading  .They they are unable to socialize, others say it may have a positive impact on young people by access to different apps. I strongly believe that these gadgets have a harmful impact on young people.

Foremost, these gadgets, when used for communication, can make young people unable to socialize. Presently, there has been a high increase in the usage of phones to communicate. With the pandemic that happened in the year 2020, people have become more distant. There are more online activities, and this can severely impair someone in their communication skills. For example, when compared with older generations and younger generations.  Because of less socializing and more acronyms in texting while using a phone  some words that have not been used. Instead of physically communicating nowadays there are different ways through pictures and videos that are being used.

On the other hand, these gadgets can be of great benefit because it has a lot of apps. Many companies have now developed apps that can be used for learning more languages which is a huge benefit. For example, the app Duolingo has different sections for learning languages, such as Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin, and so on. This can help you converse properly with people who speak those languages.

In my opinion, I believe these gadgets will have a harmful effect on skills such as teaching. There are professions that are solely based on writing and speaking. If the younger generations are only using these gadgets without proper research from books written by professors, this would be bad.

In conclusion, the negative impact would be for people to be unable to socialize. While the positive effect is that it helps one develop more languages through the apps seen in the gadget. In my opinion, I believe that the negative effect is that there will not be skills in teaching.


Sample 2:-Some People Believe that The Increasing Use of Computers and Mobile Phones

The use of computers and mobile phones has been beneficial for communication since their invention. But in recent years, I believe they have had a negative impact on the reading and writing skills of young people today.

Firstly, young people are always on their phones chatting and texting their friends and family. Since they are fast-paced, they find it time-wasting to type long sentences, thereby resorting to abbreviations. The use of abbreviations is so rampant these days that you will find it difficult to understand a conversation between two young adults. This has, in a way, had a bad effect on the writing skills of young adults. They find it difficult to spell actual words since they are used to abbreviations. For example, some young adults do not know the difference between it is and its, their and there, were and where, this and these.

Furthermore, the use of computers and mobile phones has reduced the reading culture among young adults. The advent of e-books which can be read on phones and computers, hasn’t helped reading among young people either. Most times, they store these books on their phones and computers with the hopes that they will read them, but they don’t read them because they get engrossed with social media. Also, Since most young adults spend the majority of their time on the phone, they find it hard to put their phone aside to pick up a book to read.

In conclusion, I believe that the rampant use of phones and computers has had a negative consequence on the reading and writing culture of young people. The writing culture can be improved if the use of abbreviations is reduced. Also, limiting the time spent on social media and creating time to read books, magazines, and other enriching articles will improve the reading culture among young people.

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